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If you want to use your phone to earn money, then there are infinite apps to make money, and many of them are really good ones.

There are so many ways to make money online, and money-making apps are the easiest ways to earn some extra cash online. There are many apps that you can use to make good extra income in different ways like playing games, doing short tasks, watching videos, or even selling books online.

Making extra money from apps can be great in many ways because it is flexible and you can do the tasks in your free time. And the biggest plus is that they are easily accessible from your phone.

I am listing these awesome apps to make money in different categories so you can earn extra cash for doing different things.

35 Cool Apps to Make Money and Get Extra Income

#1. Watch Videos

These are the apps that pay you to watch videos. This is a big reader favorite. You can keep playing the videos on a loop and just check intermittently. Of all the ways to make money from apps, this can be the easiest. Before, there were only a couple of apps like this, but now there are many.

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#2. Side Gigs

These apps pay you to do short tasks, which might include shopping or helping others with moving stuff, delivery, etc. You can also find some mystery shopping tasks with some of these apps.


#3. Survey Apps

These apps pay you to do surveys from your phone and earn some extra cash. Though not all survey companies have apps, the ones that do are good. Remember that these might not give you high income, but you can earn extra cash.

#4. Try New Apps

You get paid to download and try these apps. These are the most fun and easy ways to make extra cash.

#5. Selling Apps

There are many apps that let you sell your stuff like clothes, books, etc., and you can easily do this from your phone.

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#6. Reward Apps

These apps pay you to do things like read emails and watch ads. Though Swagbucks and InboxDollars are the most well-known, there are other apps like

#7. Shopping Apps

These apps give you cash back or reward you with points that you can then redeem for cash. They can be an excellent way to make money from your regular shopping, all with your smartphone.

#8. Unlock Your Phone Apps

These apps will pay you to just unlock your phone. That is the simplest way to make extra money. But don’t expect to make too much from these apps.

There you go; that’s a big list of apps that make money.

You need to remember few things when downloading apps:

  • Keep in mind that these are only extra income options, and they will not substitute your main income.
  • To make the most from these apps, try to work on them during your break times or multitask to make it worth it.

Go ahead and try them out to start making extra cash now!!Save

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