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Work From Home As A Transcriptionist & Earn $15-20 per Hour

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transcriptionistMost of my readers ask me about typing or transcriptionist jobs, because they are the most flexible options to work from home.

Transcription is a very popular work at home job, but not many know what exactly it involves and how to become a transcriber.

Today, I have all the details about Transcription from an expert, Janet Shaughnessy. She started working as a medical transcriber in 2007 and later created a course, Transcribe Anywhere, to help others work online as Transcriptionist in both legal and general transcription fields.

Now, let’s get into this detailed interview to answer all your questions about this excellent side hustle.

How to work from home as a Transcriptionist


What is Transcription and tell us about how you become a Transcriptionist?

Transcription is the process of turning audio and video files into text documents. There’s a myth that people who don’t really understand what transcription is continue to float around the internet — that anyone can be a transcriptionist and all you need to know is how to type. That’s simply not true.

Transcription involves so much more than the ability to type fast.


Do you need any special equipment for the job?

You need a computer with an internet connection and a headset. A foot pedal is optional. You’ll also need transcription software.


How much can a beginner expect to make as a Transcriptionist?

There are many variables that go into what we’re paid. Almost all transcriptionists are freelancers, so the pay is dependent on how much and how often you work.

But, just as a ballpark figure, a beginning transcriptionist should expect to make in the $15 – $20 per hour range.



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Does this work at home job need any prior training?

Absolutely. I receive emails every day from students who’ve tried to “wing it” and failed. You just can’t know what you just don’t know and, as I said before, transcription involves so much more than the ability to type.


How can a beginner find work as a Transcriptionist after getting trained?

We have an entire module at Transcribe Anywhere devoted to marketing your transcription services. I’m not going to share our strategies here. Sorry, but the last thing I want is people going off and trying to get transcription gigs without the proper training. It’s the fasted route to failure. Preparation and training are essential.


Please tell us about the course.

At Transcribe Anywhere, we offer courses in general and legal transcription. It’s a fully interactive, multi-media program with real-world practice dictations, training videos, PDF downloads and lots more. We also have a great support community.

We offer free mini-courses to help people decide whether or not transcription is the right choice for them. It’s not for everybody.


Do you have any tips to get started as a work from home Transcriptionist?

I’d suggest signing up for our free mini-courses in general and legal transcription. It’ll give folks a chance to try it out and decide whether or not transcription really is something they feel they would enjoy without spending any money at all. 🙂


There you go, all the details about being a Transcriptionist. I thank Janet for taking out her valuable time to give this interview. 

If you are thinking of starting a side hustle or if you are good at typing and want to take it to the next level, then you should try Transcribe Anywhere. They also have a free course if you want to test if this is for you.

Transcription is the most in-demand job ideal for people who want to work from home. There are many work-at-home companies which offer online transcription jobs. Just learn how to become a transcriber and get started today!


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