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22 Work-At-Home Jobs Paying Weekly

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jobs that pay weeklySometimes, when you work from home, you want to get paid sooner than waiting for the month to finish. After all, working from home is supposed to be flexible in most of the ways, even when it comes to getting paid. It is convenient to have some money in hand in case of any emergency or any urgent need.

So, today I am making a list of work-at-home companies which pay mostly in a week’s time. All of these companies are in different categories, and they might not be hiring at this point but keep checking and apply when they have openings.


Legit Work-at-Home Jobs that pay weekly



Quicktate is a transcription company which pays weekly through PayPal. They mostly work on voicemail messages, memos, legal files, medical records, etc. They do have a background check before you get recruited.


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This is a transcription company hiring transcribers to work on business meetings and other varied types of work. They have an assessment which you need to pass before getting hired. The payment is made on daily basis and is through PayPal.



Chegg is an online tutoring company which pays around $20 per hour. They pay every Thursday via PayPal. The tutoring positions are open worldwide.



This company recruits transcriptionists, proofreaders and translators and you get paid every week. The work is quite flexible, and you need to fill out an online application form to apply.



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Call Center QA

Call Center QA is a mystery shopping company paying around $5 per call along with a feedback form. They pay through PayPal within seven business days.



You can work as a call reviewer with Humanatic and get paid weekly through PayPal. As the pay is low, you can consider this as an extra income option. You can apply online by filling an application form.



With Textbroker, you can get paid weekly to write articles online. You can request payment once it has reached $10. The payment methods are through PayPal and Check.



Another transcription company which pays weekly. They pay 33 cents per audio minute or $20 per hour. They pay through PayPal every Tuesday.



If you are good with your English, then you can become an online tutor with Nicetalk. The pay is around $10 per hour, and they pay weekly. If you want to teach English online then these websites might be helpful. 



Another tutoring company which pays 0.17 cents per minute making around $10 per hour. The payment is through PayPal, and you get paid when you reach $20.



This is an extra income option. You will be doing short tasks like data tagging, data annotation, etc. The pay is weekly via PayPal.


Maritz Research

Another mystery shopping company which offers weekly pay. You have to go online and create your shopper profile. They pay once a week via direct deposit.


Virtual Office VA

This is a virtual assistant company hiring Virtual Assistants for varied tasks. The pay is around $9 per hour, and you can work for up to 20 to 45 hours a week.


Amazon MTurk

This is another extra income option where you can do short tasks like writing, data entry, web research, etc. and make extra income. The payment is through Amazon payments or gift cards, and you get paid weekly.


User Testing

You can be a website user tester and make around $10 per test. The payment is through PayPal, and you receive payments after seven days of testing.



This company pays you to transcribe files like lectures, interviews, podcasts, etc. The pay is via PayPal, and you get paid weekly. The work is quite flexible, and you can work whenever you want. Read our in-depth review to know more about this company.



You will be working as a customer service rep with Ver-A-Fast, and you will need basic typing skills for this role. They pay weekly through direct check.


Apart from these if you are looking to make money online then consider these work-at-home options.



Blogging is an excellent way to make extra income entirely online, and the best part is that it is quite flexible, and you can do it along with a full-time job. I am making around $5000 a month blogging part-time, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for extra income online. I have a super easy to follow a step-by-step guide to starting your own money-making blog.



I frankly never knew that you could make so much money with flipping cheap items. Melissa made around $40,000 last year flipping part-time, you can too. If you want a fun way to make money online and you have an eye for finding cheap things, then look into flipping. Take this FREE workshop to learn all about flipping.



You can have an online e-commerce store and earn money from the affiliate sales. The best part about this side business is that you don’t hold any inventory/stock and still make money, and this is another super profitable way to make money online. Jenn of Drink Coffee and Prosper earns over $10,000 with her e-commerce store.



I know you might be thinking this job might be for accountants or people with experience in bookkeeping. It’s not. You can be a work-at-home bookkeeper without any experience. Bookkeeper is a perfect online work option giving you extra income. If this is something you are looking for, then check out this detailed post about Bookkeeping.


Accolade Support

Accolade Support hires call center agents, technical support agents, and customer service representatives. The company hires in the US, and prior experience in the field is required to apply. The pay is up to $10 per hour paid weekly.



If you are bilingual, then working with LanguageLine as an interpreter is a great choice. You will be working on inbound calls, and the pay can range from $10 to $20 per hour. The payments are made weekly via direct deposit.


Allegis Group

Allegis is a transcription company hiring experienced transcribers based in the US. If you are interested in this company, some of the requirements include a foot pedal, a good internet connection, and a dedicated workspace. The pay is around $14 to $17 per audio hour, and you will be paid weekly.



As a Goodstart Mentor, you will be reminding people about their medicine schedule via phone. This job requires some prior customer service experience along with good listening skills. The pay is around $14 to $18 per hour paid weekly. You can find out more about the job here.



If you are trying to break into writing or want to earn money on the side of freelance writing, you can try Textbroker. Though the pay is quite low, you can get freelance writing gigs on Textbroker without much experience. The pay is between 0.7 cents to 5 cents per word depending on your writing level. The payments are made via PayPal every week.


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