work from home nursing jobsIt’s surprising the kind of jobs you can do from home.

Did you know that there are many work-from-home nursing jobs?

Contrary to the popular belief that nursing jobs can only be done face-to-face, there are many types of nursing jobs you can do from home.

I am sharing different types of jobs in nursing below that can be done from home.


Top nursing jobs from home


Registered Nurse

A registered nurse helps with patient medications, answers questions, assists with small procedures, records and monitors patient data, etc. A registered nurse can work in different departments like pediatrics, emergency, operating room, etc.


Nurse Auditor

As a nurse auditor, you will be analyzing the patient billing records and checking the documentation for insurance claims. You also have to make sure the patients receive the right medical assistance and that it is reflected in the documentation.


Nurse Abstractor

A nurse abstractor goes through patient data and notes any mistakes and records in the system for different purposes. They will also organize patient records.


Telephone Triage Nurse

Telephone triage nurses help patients over the phone, answering questions about their medical conditions. Their assessment determines whether the patients need to visit a hospital or not.


Nurse Practitioner

A nurse practitioner is a step above a registered nurse. They analyze patient health conditions and prescribe medications as their primary healthcare provider.


Clinical Appeals Nurse

A clinical appeals nurse will go through the insurance claims that are denied and make appeals for them. The job involves analyzing medical records to check if the decision can be appealed.


Legal Nurse Consultant

Legal nurse consultants work with lawyers in medicolegal cases that involve insurance fraud, medical malpractice, personal injury, etc. They have to analyze and give their medical opinion about these cases.



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Here are companies that have work-from-home nursing jobs:



Aetna, a leading insurance company, has regular openings for remote registered nurse positions. You can check out its careers page for more details.


American International Group (AIG)

AIG has remote medical reviewer openings occasionally. Keep in mind you have to spend a certain amount of time training on location before you start working remotely.



This major healthcare company has nurse care manager roles. Search its careers page to find the latest openings.



This company has registered nurse and nurse care manager roles. Check out this page for more job leads.


HMS Healthcare

This company handles the fraud identification of healthcare payments. You can find positions like nurse reviewer and medical review nurse with this company.


Conifer Health Solutions

Conifer Health Solutions has a lot of positions related to healthcare. You can apply for roles like RN, coding, and personal health nurse, etc.



Most of the nursing jobs in CareCentrix are acute care nurse liaisons. The job might involve some travel, and it hires only experienced nurses.



This healthcare company often hires registered nurses as clinical assessors. Please check its website for current openings.


UnitedHealth Group

This insurance giant has many remote nursing jobs like RN case manager, telephone triage, vocational nurse, etc. Right now, on its website, it has over 40 positions in remote nursing jobs.



This company hires nurse counselors and nurse practitioners to work in telephone triage. It hires from the USA and Canada.


Triage 4 Pediatrics

Triage 4 Pediatrics has work-from-home nursing jobs in after-hours telephone triage. It is very strict about prior experience in pediatrics.


Carenet Health

This company recruits registered nurses and online call center agents to work in telephone triage. You need to be an experienced RN with a background in nursing.


Citra Health Solutions

This company hires registered nurses to work in telephone triage with patients. The work involves working on weekends.


Work-from-home nursing jobs are diverse

If you are qualified and want to work from home as a nurse, then there are endless choices for you. Depending on your flexibility and passion, you can choose nursing jobs in different specialties.

Keep in mind that you will need a relevant qualification, certification, and experience for most of the above roles and companies.

Go through the list and get started with the nursing role you are interested in.


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