How to Earn Over $4,000/month Working from Home


How To Earn Over $4,000/month Working From HomeOver the past eight years, I have explored different options to make money from home.


Because I firmly believed that making money from home was very much possible while taking care of kids. I wanted to show other work-at-home enthusiasts that earning a good income as a stay-at-home parent is possible.

It is true.

I am earning a GREAT INCOME working from home and have the time to do things that I love, be around my family without any work restrictions, travel whenever I want.

Want to know the reason for this?



I started my blog last year in 2016, and now after a year, I am earning almost $4000 per month all from the comfort of my home.

And all that for investing just $2.95/month (this special price is only through my link and for a limited time). That’s over 60% off the normal price.

It is hard work. I have spent crazy hours working on my blog but believe me, it is the most flexible way to make money from home. It is definitely worth it.

So, after this one-year what’s my take on this?

I love it, and it is the most legitimate way to make money from home and anyone can do it!!

There are many things that I could do after I started blogging, spend more time with family and we are able to travel more (this is the best thing I like about blogging)

Don’t take my word for it?!

Here is what some of my readers who started their blogs recently say,


I started a blog to promote my Etsy shop and give homeschooling homemaker tips. I learned to blog and bought my website and blogging education through links in Sireesha’s posts/emails. Etsy sales have increased and I earned $200 from sponsors and affiliates in just two months when I was learning

Amy Marohl,


As a mom of two kids that are not past diapering stage yet, I can’t be thankful enough to have found a flexible work from home option through blogging. It may be baby steps to victory, but it’s truly rewarding and worth the effort. I’m just over a month into it, and have been able to exceed the goals I set for myself. I believe, you don’t need to be lucky to be a successful blogger, but just need to be equipped with the right resources so you don’t get overwhelmed.

Saranya Ramanathan,



Why You Need To Have A Side Hustle
Top 8 Reasons You Should Start Blogging Today


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Start A Money Making Blog Without Any Expertise

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I have earned over $36,000 in the first year of my blogging!! That’s something I would have never believed if someone told me before I started blogging.


You can read my income reports where I started from $300 in my third month, and now I am earning around $4000 per month.

The best part?

You can start your money-making blog for as cheap as $2.95/month, (only through my link) that is absolutely nothing when compared to the money you can earn.

You also get a FREE domain (worth $10) and a single click WordPress installation, when you sign up for a 12-month plan (which I highly recommend) so you don’t have to worry about any technical stuff.

If you want a detailed step-by-step process on how to start a blog, you can check out my tutorial.

I want to reiterate the point that I am not a techie or a professional writer, and I didn’t even have a personal account on any social media platforms before I started my blog.

You DON’T NEED ANY SPECIAL SKILLS TO START BLOGGING. All you need is your will to make this work and a lot of hard work.

I have had many comments/emails from my readers asking about different aspects of starting a blog. I want to answer them and show how easy it can be to start a blog.


Do I have to be a techie or writer to start blogging?

NO!! I am a typical stay-at-home mum, and I started my blog without having any technical or writing experience.

You don’t have to be a computer geek or a professional writer to start a blog. If you can navigate around the web, then you can start a blog.

The one thing you will need is the passion for writing about what you like/love.


Can I blog from anywhere?

YES!! Blogging is an excellent example of location-independent income. You can be anywhere on the globe and start your blog.

The only thing you would need is a computer and an internet connection. This the BIGGEST ADVANTAGE of blogging, it is a remote hustle.


Is it a long process to start a blog?

It just takes 5 to 10 minutes to start a blog, can you believe it!! Just head over to Bluehost and buy your hosting and from there it is only a matter of few minutes till your brand new blog is ready.

If you want an easy detailed tutorial, check this out. It is as easy as that.


I don’t know what to blog about?

Before I started my blog, I knew clearly what I wanted to write about. There is one advise I can give, write about something you are passionate about, it does not matter how narrow the subject is.

If you love what you are writing and can provide value to others, then it can quickly become a profitable niche for you.

You can always research on Pinterest or Google to find out what are the topics to write about in your niche. You can get inspired by other bloggers in your niche and brainstorm ideas to write.


Does it cost a lot to start a blog?

No!! You can start your blog today with a low price of $2.95 per month. That is a very small price to start a blog when you think of the income you can get.


How to get traffic to my new blog?

I know traffic is the biggest challenge most of the new bloggers have.

In my personal experience, Pinterest has proved to be the most significant traffic source for me and maybe for many bloggers. Try and focus on Pinterest first to get traffic as most of the topics do well on Pinterest.

You can read more about my post on how I am getting over 100k page views, and I share the things and resources that helped me to get there.

These are all the questions I get all the time, and if you have any more, please comment below with your questions. I will try my best to answer them.

But the most important step that you need to take (I am happy I took my step a year ago) is to start your blog now to see the change in your income.

Blogging is indeed a great option to work from home, work around your family and still make a considerable income.

I am doing it and can say for sure; it is the best option for anyone who wants to make money online.


Send me an email if you need any help to set up your blog, and I would be more than happy to help you out on your journey to make money online.

About Sireesha Narumanchi

Hi, I am Sireesha and thank you for stopping by to know me.
I am a work at home mom of two beautiful princesses and working from home was always my choice to be around my family and make a good income.


6 thoughts on “How to Earn Over $4,000/month Working from Home”

  1. The post in april you said you made almost $6,000. Now it’s november and you are only making $4000? Why the decline in earnings over the past 6 months?

    1. Hi Alice,

      Thank you for commenting:-) Blogging is a home/online business and like any other business, you can have low days and up days. But the reason why blogging is so great is because of the flexibility and the money making potential. Within the first year I have started earning around $4,000/month from my blog working part time on it, so anything is possible.

        1. Hi Alice,
          Sure, the reasons for the decrease in income are low referral traffic (seasonal) and I was focusing more on creating content and less on promoting. Promoting plays a big part in income. Hope that answered your question. You can read my monthly blog and income updates for more details.

    1. Hi Alice,
      Thank you so much! It’s really great to hear you started your blog, taking action is the biggest part and you did it. I hope you are going to do great:-) Let me know if you need any help.

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