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Love Watching TV? Here Is How You Can Earn Money Watching Videos Online

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earn money watching videos onlineIf you are someone who loves binge-watching Game of Thrones or Gilmore Girls, then this post is for you. Watching TV or movies is probably the most favorite way many people pass time, but what if you could make money from it?

Cool, right?!

It might sound unreal, but it is possible to earn money watching videos and TV. There are many ways ranging from almost full-time roles to some extra income opportunities. It is the most fun way to earn money, and you should try this.


Swagbucks TV

One easy way to earn extra cash is by watching Swagbucks TV. You can watch the videos on a loop and make it a more passive income. I hear a lot of success stories of people who are making good extra cash with Swagbucks, especially by watching videos. Swagbucks also gives you $5 FREE when you sign up with it.


Netflix Tagger

Netflix Tagger is one of the very fun ways to earn money while you watch kids’ movies. So what does a tagger do? You have to organize the movies or programs into categories. This helps Netflix to show video programs to users that they would like to watch based on their preferences. The work is 15 hours per week. The position is not always open. So you need to keep an eye out to see if the roles get advertised on its careers page.


Rev Captioner

Now, this is another super fun work-at-home job that involves watching TV and transcribing what’s being said. Captioning is just typing out the words you hear on TV. This is quite a flexible work-from-home opportunity as you don’t need any prior experience for this role. You can apply for this position with Rev. The pay is between $245–$1,495 as per its website.

You also need to pass a test before you get hired.



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Perk TV

This website gives you many ways to earn cash while watching TV. You just need to register and watch Perk TV / Viggle TV to make money watching your favorite TV shows and movies. You get points as you watch the programs, and they can be redeemed for a wide range of gift cards.



Another exciting way to earn is watching some trailers of apps. What AppTrailers does is show users the trailers of other apps to reach out to a bigger audience. The amount of cash you make from this might not be much, but it does add up.



Probably everyone knows that InboxDollars is one of the most popular rewards programs out there, and it also gives you great options to watch videos or ads and make money. The best part is you get an instant $5 bonus for signing up.



GrabPoints (formerly Zoombucks) has a couple of ways you can earn money like watching TV or videos on its website. There are other things you can do like taking surveys, downloading apps, and playing games, which can bump up your points.


All of these ways to earn money by watching videos are inevitably going to give you some additional cash. Try them out and get your extra income funds filled up.

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