make money everydayDo you know every day you have so many chances to earn money online or offline? I get many emails from my readers asking about how to make money, but sometimes we don’t look in the right places and lose the opportunities to earn some extra income.

I always turn to these extra income earners during holidays to fund that additional spending. Extra income can be useful during holidays for shopping or travel or just to have a supplemental income fund. I firmly believe you should have more than one stream of income to be more financially secure.

Today, I am listing some easy ways to make money everyday and most of these are the things you do anyways in your daily routine.

All the below ways of earning extra income are the most legitimate and proven ways to make money online/offline.


So, go ahead and try them out.

Answer Questions

Do you like to advise people on subjects you are good at?

Then, you have a way to earn extra cash.

Sometimes just answering questions and telling others what you know about a subject can make you some extra money. Can’t believe it? It is true.

There are many websites like AskWonder, Maven, JustAnswer and 1Q which will pay to answer the user questions. Most of these sites give you an extra income just to advise on the topics you are expert at.

Bonus Tip: With Askwonder, be very descriptive with your answers and do your research when answering. From my experience, short answers might not get you through successful signing up process.



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Give Your Opinion

It sounds so easy, right?!


It’s as simple as sharing your thoughts on particular brands and helping companies to design better products. How much you earn in this way is entirely dependent on which websites you use and how much time you spend on these.

I have seen some people making around $500 just by sharing their opinions. Sign up for websites like Pinecone Research, SwagbucksInboxDollars, American Consumer Opinion. These are some of the most legitimate and paying sites, and they do pay.

Bonus Tip: Being active on these websites with honest answers can give you a chance to earn more + you get $5 bonus to join Swagbucks.

Read our detailed Pinecone Research review to learn more.


Watch Videos

Don’t we all love this?

I am sure you spend some part of your day watching videos. Well, there is a way to make this a money-making gig.

You can become a Captioner transcribing videos, loop videos on Swagbucks & InboxDollars or be a tagger with Netflix (just watch out for openings for this role.) The list is endless, and all these ways are entirely legitimate backed by trusted companies.

Bonus Tip: With Swagbucks, you need not watch the videos just play them on your device in the background and loop them. I have made decent money with Swagbucks, and I highly recommend it. Read our in-depth Swagbucks review to know more.


Share, Post or Tweet

Do you continuously jiggle your fingers on Facebook?

Are you an Insta junkie like me?

Here is the good news, you can earn quite a good income if you follow the right ways being on social media. If Pinterest is your love, then try becoming a Pinterest VA (there is enormous demand for this).

You can sign up with Izea to start promoting brands and if Instagram is your thing, then get the scoop on how to make money on Instagram from my friend, Emma Lomas. She is a very successful Instagrammer who makes a great income from brand promotions.

Bonus Tip: Try to join as many influencer platforms as you can to get more exposure. Also, try to grow your followers and engagement on social media channel to get more opportunities.


Review Calls

Reviewing calls is another simple and an easy money making gig which you can do in your daily routine. Humanatic is the company which pays you for listening and categorizing the calls. You will be just tagging the calls into categories.

This can be an easy break time job for you when you are at home with kids. Keep in mind that this is only an extra income option, and you need to be patient with the call reviewing. Interested in this? Go ahead and apply.

Bonus Tip: If you want to do good at this, you will need to be on the website and check back intermittently to see if you have the call to review.


Just Shop

This is insane, isn’t it?! How do you get paid to shop?

You can if you know how to. There a couple of ways you can get paid when you do your usual shopping.

You can use apps like ShopTracker while you do your holiday shopping through Amazon, this app gives you a bonus of $3 when you connect your Amazon account, and after that, you get $3 every month.

You can shop through Rakuten to get cash back, and the thing that makes it sweet is, you get $10 bonus when you sign up with Rakuten. You can also scan your shopping with Ibotta app and get cashback.

Bonus Tip: With Rakuten, apart from the $10 sign up bonus you also get a referral bonus of $25 for every friend you refer.



I love driving. In the last decade there has been a significant rise in ride sharing economy, and it is for good.

I have a bunch of friends (stay-at-moms who drive while kids are at school) who drive with Uber and make significant money. No, they don’t do it all day, just in the evenings and weekends and they earn substantial money from it.

There isn’t a better way to make money on the side, that is if you love driving and want to hustle. You can sign up as a driver-partner with companies like Uber and Lyft and start this side hustle.

Bonus Tip: You will get paid more if you drive at peak times but that also depends on the city you drive in. Drive during peak times, and you make more.



Yes, you heard it right. There is a way to earn some extra cash when you exercise.

Talk about some motivation!

There are loads of apps and programs like HealthyWage, Dietbet, and Pact. All these programs have some minimum requirements like accruing minimum number of points or minimum walking steps/exercise.

Bonus Tip: With some of these apps you need to connect them with your fitness trackers like Fitbit or apps like Runkeeper. So, it pays to download all the workout apps so you can reap in more money.


Listen to Music

I love this one! I am sure many of us listen to music while we do our daily chores. All the ways to make money by listening to music like Slicethepie, MusicXray, FusionCash, HitPredictor, and Welocalize. With Welocalize, you get a chance to listen to songs and transcribe them.

Bonus Tip: All of these are only extra income options, so it helps to sign up for all of them and get going. Also remember that the more active you are on these platforms listening and reviewing the songs, the more chances you earn more.


Deliver Stuff

Does a quick run out to deliver some stuff sounds like a good hustle to you? Then you have a bunch of opportunities to earn money on the side.

I think this is a great way to make some extra cash while kids are at school. With UberEats, Amazon Flex, DoorDash or Postmates, the most significant advantage with all these delivery apps is the flexibility, you get to choose your hours.

Bonus Tip: Most of these apps will require you to undergo a vehicle clearance and a background check. You get to make most when you deliver during peak times, so that’s the peak money making period.


Review/Test Apps

I have loads of apps on my phone, so does everyone. If you could just test apps and get paid, wouldn’t it be an easy way to make money? Yes, it would. Companies like Usertesting, Beta Family, and Apperwall take testers to review or test apps. It does not require any expertise to start this gig.

Bonus Tip: These short gigs are in high demand, so the workflow might not be consistent as the tasks get finished quite quickly. So, once you register, be sure to check in frequently for tasks.


Rent Your Car

If you work from home like me or use your car very sparingly, then think about making some extra cash by renting your car. You can use websites like Turo (formerly RelayRides) and HyreCar.

You will have to register with these sites with details about your car first. Renting your car is a cool gig only if you are comfortable for someone to you use your vehicle.

Bonus Tip: Having a car in good condition does help to get more rentals and have a good profile with good pictures of your vehicle can increase your views.


Search the Web

Do you love browsing web for hours? Then you are looking at a passive way to make money online. Companies and brands are always trying to find out the user browsing habits to build better web interfaces.

And the best part is, they pay you to download apps like Qmee or Nielsen which just run in the background and collect data (nothing personal).

Bonus Tip: With Qmee you have to click on results when they show up. The amount you make may be less, but it can add up quickly if you browse frequently.


Refer Friends

Now, this is my favorite one! I love sharing my views about the products or services that I like or highly trust. If they can benefit from my experience, why not? Another significant advantage of referring good brands or products to your friends is you can make good money.

Some of the websites which offer excellent referral bonus are Groupon ($10), Swagbucks ($5), Rakuten ($25), BestMark ($10), Airbnb ($30).

Bonus Tip: Do not sign up for websites looking through their referral program, instead recommend only the products or brands that you trust. This way both parties are benefited, and you get paid. Programs like Rakuten can give you more bonus income, as they have tiered programs and the bonus increases as the number of referrals grow.


There are infinite ways to make money in your daily life, the only thing that you need to keep in mind is the legitimacy and kind of money you make from them. My advice is that you go for the ways which give you more income for your times worth.

Whether you are a stay-at-home mom or a student or someone looking to supplement income to pay your bills, these extra income ways can surely give you some extra cash in every day.

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