5 High Paying Remote Jobs in Tech Industry

5 High Paying Remote Jobs in Tech IndustryLet’s face it.

Everybody wants to earn a good six figure income in a job. And this is thought to be possible in a normal 9-5 job.

What if I say that there are jobs which give you the much sought after six figures sitting at your home?


With more and more companies turning to hire remote workers, it is getting easy to find a good job in any field. Companies like SAP, Apple, Xerox, Microsoft, IBM are recruiting more and more home workers.

The main reason for the increasing number of companies to go the telecommuting way is flexibility.

The flexibility to work at any time, the ease to work in the comfort of your home and the biggest reason for the tech industry to go this way is most of the work is done online.

The pay scales I have indicated are for US, but these jobs have almost the same pay range in other countries.

Let’s get into the details and which suits you.


13 Best Night Jobs to Work From Home

night jobsDo you know why some people look for night jobs?

All of us have our way of working and tailor our schedule according to our most productive hours. For me, it is at nights and early mornings.

What is your golden hour of working?

Many love working at night because the kids are asleep or because they also have a day job. All in all what matters at the end is how productive you are.

Though it can be hard to find good night jobs which pay well, it is not entirely impossible. The number might be less, but as more and more companies start the virtual work option, the third shift will also become a common trend.

Today, I have tried to list as many companies as possible which let you work at nights/evenings.

Best night jobs for the night owls,



This company has call center agent positions available for remote workers. The role is very flexible, so working at night is possible, and it is open to only US residents. (more…)

35 Non-Phone Jobs From Home to Fit Your Schedule

non phone jobsLet us face it, though there are many flexible jobs out there, you cannot do most of them. Why?

Because half of them need you to be using a phone. That means a quieter environment.

What does that mean? It means that the most of the mums cannot go for these jobs. With kids at home, it is near to impossible to get a quiet place or time.

It is quite a challenge especially for stay at home mums to find a home job or money making side gigs which can be flexible around kids.

I know your pain; I am a work at home mum with two kids at home.

This should not deter you from looking for work-at-home jobs; there are loads of online jobs that are available which don’t ask for a phone.

Today, I am curating a list of online jobs/gigs which don’t necessarily need a phone. Though most of them need you to be on the computer and sometimes use a particular workspace, it is much easier and doable than talking over the phone with kids around.

Please check the websites to see if the companies are currently hiring. (more…)

6 Online Data Entry Jobs That are Not Scams

online data entry jobsI have always seen a lot of scams in online data entry jobs or typing jobs. Either they promise very high pay which is too good to believe or they ask for upfront pay before you start the job.

They promise to pay $70 per hour or so, which is quite high for data entry roles. There are hardly any typing gigs that pay so high.


Why are there so many scams regarding Online Data Entry Jobs?


It is quite evident that data entry or typing jobs are hard to get and many people look for them; especially they are the most wanted jobs for anybody working from home. They seem to be the easiest option to work from home for many.

However, it is possible to find legitimate typing opportunities online, though they are less and they might not be very high paying ones. (more…)

15 Companies Offering Customer Service Jobs At Home

customer service jobs from homeWhat are the most advertised jobs anywhere?

Customer service jobs from home.

Many companies offer work-at-home customer service jobs. The nature of these work from home jobs might differ according to which industry you are applying for, but the core role would be helping customers or clients and solve their issues.

I have many friends who have previously worked in customer service roles and are now looking for similar jobs at home. So, I am curating a list of companies which regularly look for work-at-home customer service representatives. They might be offered in different roles like chat agents, admin assistant or technical assistant.

You need to keep some things in mind when applying for customer service/admin jobs. They ask for some specified equipment like headsets or laptops. Most of the customer service jobs will also ask for a quiet environment.

These companies might or might not be hiring now, but it is good to keep looking as they do recruit quite often. (more…)

11 Best Udemy Courses to Kickstart Your WAH Career

best udemy coursesHave you ever thought, if only I knew how to take such good photographs, I could start my own photography business?

Maybe, not many of you thought that.

I did.

I love photography; I hop onto any photography article, especially the ‘Beginner’ ones. That’s the reason why I frequently visit Digital Photography School.

A few months ago, in my pursuit to learn more about photography, I bought a course in Udemy. Initially, I thought it is just a simple beginners course. To my surprise, the course was a very comprehensive one with so many tips and information.

I totally loved it. And the best part, it was definitely more than it’s worth.

I believe that Udemy is a goldmine for work from home hustlers or even people like me who are looking to take their hobbies to another level. It has a wealth of information for starters to learn and enhance skills to begin their work at home journey. (more…)

How to Search for Your First Work-at-Home Job

search work at home jobI know how you feel when it comes to taking a decision whether to start working from home or start looking for jobs online.

Online job opportunities are in millions on the web.

But the obvious question is, how to find the right ones, how to find out if you can do the job and how to get past the scams and land the right opportunity.

I have come across many who just define online work as to how much they want to earn. But there is much more to working online than just the income. To aim for a set amount of money, you need to think about many things like your experience, your choice of work, etc.

When I started working, it was confusing for me to look for the right jobs. I did not even fully trust the first online work that I started till I got my first paycheck.

From Medical coding to Blogging, there are many options for working at home. Finding legitimate work options online can be daunting, but if you have some checkpoints, then you are going to land with the right one. (more…)

9 Online Jobs Paying Up To $15 An Hour

jobs that pay 15 an hour with no experienceOk, I know what you are thinking, there aren’t many side jobs which pay that much. A couple of weeks ago, one of my readers asked me if there are any jobs which pay up to $15/hour with little or no experience. Any kind, without much experience in any field.

I started digging to find such jobs online.

What did I find?

There are a good number of work from home jobs which pay that much, in different fields which don’t ask for too much of experience.

I have listed about 9 side jobs that pay up to $15 an hour. I have tried to research in which country they hire because most of my readers are diverse from many countries.



Scribie employs new and experienced transcribers in general transcription field. It employs in many countries globally. You don’t need prior experience to apply. The rate of pay is $5 to $20 per audio hour, i.e., $0.5 to $2 for a 6-minute audio file. After applying, you will be on a wait list, and then you will be invited to create an account and give your test. To learn more, read our review on Scribie here. (more…)

10 Online Tutoring Jobs to Work From Home in 2020

online tutoring jobsOnline tutoring jobs are the best options to work from home.

I am a bookworm but most of my learning was always from either online courses or videos. The learning methods have changed a lot, and it is very easy to teach or learn things via the internet.

The physical presence of the tutor or the student in the same place is not required anymore.

As I do a lot of reading and am constantly doing research in my niche, I frequently visit sites like Udemy, Lynda where I find a wealth of knowledge. But these are not live teachings; they are recorded courses.

There are many legitimate websites which employ tutors to teach other subjects, languages or just native English.

Today, I am going to curate a list of online tutoring jobs which have tutor openings. Many of these companies require teachers to teach conversational English, which is quite easy.

Best Online Tutoring Jobs to Work from Home,


4 Most Flexible WAH Jobs

4 Most Flexible WAH JobsWorking from home is relatively a new term when it comes to some countries. It’s much a newer term if you don’t want to be in corporate industry and just work online for an organization which might not have a presence in that country.

Online jobs or work from home jobs are always frowned upon as most of the jobs which you come across are scammy especially in countries like India, Malaysia, Germany, Australia, U.K, France, New Zealand, etc.

There is a reason why this is the usual reaction; telecommuting has not become a common thing in most of the countries except for U.S.

Is there a need for work from home jobs in these countries?

Yes. (more…)

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