How to Make a Resume: 8 Secrets to a Perfect Resume

how to make a resumeToday you will learn how to make a resume for online jobs.

What is the most important thing when you are applying for a job?

The first step you take when you have found the right job?




A resume is the most vital factor in the job application process. It becomes all the more important when you are applying for a work from home job. This is because of the following factors:

  • Difference in the process of recruitment for telecommuting jobs
  • Resume is your strongest point as you will not be going face to face in most of the jobs
  • Recruiters are very strict considering the unconventional method of applying for work from home jobs

This being said, a resume will be pivotal for any job but becomes unique and speaks a lot about you when you are applying for any job which is online. (more…)

How Much Money can you Make Working Online

how much money can you make onlineThis is the million dollar question that everybody is asking as the economy is shifting towards Telecommuting.

Well, there is a straightforward answer for this.

Yes, you can.

You can make a good income or may be even more working from home. If you are just starting out, it will take some time, but it’s possible.

I never believed that I could earn a good income without going to a job. Working from home never appealed to me as a good earning option.

But I went ahead and tried it out and here I am with a good job and high income, all in the comfort of my home.

Most of us don’t believe in the idea of high paying work from home jobs or telecommuting jobs because it sounds too good to be true. (more…)

Want to Work From Home….Here are Your Options

Want to work from home Start HereDream of working from home in your PJ’s and earn a real income?

Welcome to the new age of remote workers who make it a reality. Working from Home or Telecommuting is the way of future now with more and more companies going strong in this trend.

I started working from home in 2008, and options were very less at that time. Now the opportunities are more and more, and more people are choosing to go for remote work.

Many of my friends ask me how to work from home or which companies offer work from home positions, so I have made a long list of jobs which are remote or freelance.

Here it goes!!


Web Developer

Website development is a techie kind of job, but it’s in high demand now. (more…)

Top 25 Companies Hiring Remote Workers Regularly

Top 25 Companies Hiring Remote Workers Regularly

Everybody dreams of working from home. But the hard part is finding the companies which hire these positions.

You can easily find some companies which hire sporadically but it’s a bit of task to find companies which regularly recruit work from home people.

Telecommuting companies are increasing since last 4 years and the biggest reason for this being the better work life balance. Totally cutting back on commuting, more productivity and better quality of work are some of the high points which make remote work more lucrative option.

Finding the companies which primarily opt for remote workers is hard when there are so many scams around. When I started out working from home, it took a while to figure out which companies are authentic ones to apply for jobs. (more…)

7 Work from Home Jobs without Any Expertise

7 Work from Home Jobs without Any ExpertiseIt might be hard to believe but it is true. There are work from home jobs which do not require a formal qualification or a skill set.

You will definitely have to adapt to the work nature but it will not call for any prior experience or expertise in an area.

In today’s times in any work from home job boards, you can see there are as many professional jobs as compared to ones which do not require a skillset.

I am going to list jobs which do not require a prior qualification and all of these jobs are going to earn more than pennies if you find the right one.



Freelance writing is a big trend now especially as new doors for blogging and freelancing have opened many opportunities. (more…)

Benefits of Working from Home: 5 Ways You Can Increase your Productivity

benefits of working from homeThere literally so many benefits of working from home.

Let me ask you something, 

Do you dread the everyday ritual of getting ready for the long commute to work?

Well, the age of telecommuting, crowdsourcing and working online is upon us. Why do you need to put on those heavy suits, when you can work in your PJs.

Working from home might sound very comforting and flexible for those who cannot have the luxury because of their positions and job nature.

But, nevertheless, it’s more engrossing and requires a lot more self-discipline when working from home. Let’s do a comparison of work at home and work at office:


Work at Office

  • Commuting
  • Working under pressure
  • Less time to unwind
  • Feeling more tensed in performing situations


How To Spot Work-At-Home Scams When Looking For Jobs

work at home scamsWork at home scams are the worst.

I have been there.

If you were looking for work from home jobs, you would have come across them.

Everybody has seen them.


The work at home scams are something you can’t miss even if you were searching for a usual job.

The web is full of these scammy websites which promise you to earn a ridiculous amount of money in no time.

What is the catch?

You would have to pay upfront or give your email id.

Why are there so many spam websites especially in Work from Home niche?

The biggest reason scammers target this niche is that working from home is something which most of us want to do. (more…)

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