How to Create a Killer Cover Letter


how to write a killer cover letterWhat do you usually overlook while sending your resume for a job?

Your Cover Letter.

Most of us do, and it is the most important thing apart from your resume. Some might have a debate over this, but for me, a cover letter is as vital as your resume if you are serious about getting that job.

So, what is it in a cover letter that makes it so important?

A cover letter is something like a short introduction about you in a formal way to the person who is going to hire you.

In a short way, it can tell the person about you and make your resume more desirable.

There are some very necessary points that a cover letter should have

Make it brief

The hiring manager or the recruiter is not going to be interested in reading a lengthy cover letter as it may wean off the interest levels in your job application.

Having said this, the length should always be optimal. You should be able to portray yourself in a good, short and concise way. Making it short does not mean you need to cut down on your skills or expertise.

Make the cover letter in a way, that within a glance, your suitability for the job is evident.


Talk about your accomplishments

The primary intention of the cover letter is to grab the attention of the person who is going to hire you.

It will help if you talk about any of your accomplishments or awards in your previous projects highlighting your expertise.


State the role

A cover letter is something like a small introduction to your resume. The resume will hold all your extensive work experience, skills, projects lists, etc.

You do not have to mention all these in a cover letter, but do mention the role for which you are sending your resume.

This makes it easier and makes it clear for the hiring manager to categorize your resume.


Address the Hiring Manager

It is an old fashioned way to write your cover letter in ‘To whomsoever it may concern’ manner. Address the hiring manager, if you do not know the name, just say ‘Dear Hiring Manager’.

It would be a good thing to find out the name of the manager as it would be more efficient if the name is mentioned. It gives a more personal touch to the letter.

Clearly, state why you are interested in the role and why they should consider you.

It is only natural that recruiters find the candidates who are most interested in applying for the jobs.

The cover letter should describe why you are interested in the role and what qualities or skills you can bring in for the role.

Sometimes, it is helpful to state any of your projects briefly.

It is also vital to mention your knowledge about the company, which in turn shows your interest in joining the company.

Finally, do not repeat your resume, make a short form of it in a more personal manner. If it looks like a resume again, the person at the other end might lose interest in your actual resume.

Try to check for errors and proofread as many times as possible. You don’t want a cover letter with mistakes in grammar to reach them.


What has been your experience in writing cover letters? Does a job application still need a cover letter?









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