User Interviews Review – Earn up to $150 for Your Opinion


user interviews reviewIt is quite easy to earn money from home these days. Many legit websites like User Interviews let you make extra cash just for your opinion.

Yes, just for your opinion. It is that easy.

Many consumer research companies pay participants to give their opinion about products, services, or brands. This feedback helps these companies to improve their products before getting into the market. It is a win-win for both the user and the company.

There are a lot of ways you can help brands with your feedback, like participating in simple surveys, taking part in focus groups, or testing products.

Let’s find out why User Interviews is a great choice for earning extra money

What is User Interviews?

User Interviews is a new consumer research company that recruits participants for a variety of product/brand studies. With clients like Adobe, Intuit, GoPro, and Tripadvisor, it has a strong foothold in the market research field.

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As per its website, it paid over 40,000 participants last year. So there is no shortage of work with User Interviews.



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How does it work?

user interviews how it works

If you are interested in contributing your voice to help brands improve their products or services, then go to the website and sign up. You need to provide all the necessary information like your age, phone number, household income, education details, etc.

Once you are signed up, you can browse all the projects on the website. If you are keen on doing a project, you need to go through the screening survey. Upon qualifying, you can go ahead and participate in the study.


How do you get paid?

For now, as per the website, you get paid through Amazon gift cards. Once the study is finished, you will receive the Amazon gift code via email within 10 business days.


What type of studies are available?

user interviews browse projects

It has a very diverse range of studies available like

Focus groups: These studies include a group discussion between at least two people. They are typically held in person and sometimes online too.

1-on-1 interviews: These studies are conducted between a researcher and one participant at a time. They can be held online, in person, or over the phone.

Multi day studies: These studies span over multiple days with varying time commitments, which should be laid out in the description.

Unmoderated tasks: These studies require completion of a task that you can complete at any time before the deadline.

Online: The company conducts studies online. The studies could include completing one-off tasks or online prompts that may or may not get recorded. Please note that a webcam, a particular device type, or software experience may be required.

Over the phone: The company holds studies over the phone. You will be contacted by the researcher or asked to call into a conference line.

In-person studies: Some studies are held in person at a location determined by the researcher.

In-home studies: The company holds studies in the participant’s home, place of work, or a mutually agreed upon location.


What are the requirements to join User Interviews?

You must be at least 18 years old to join. For now, it’s only available to US and Canadian residents.


The good and bad about User Interviews


The easy-to-use interface and quick sign-up process are big pluses for this website.

Another major advantage of User Interviews is the diverse type of studies it offers.

It also claims to have 500+ new studies on the platform every month.



Probably one thing it can improve on is providing more options for payments. Amazon gift cards are the only way you get rewarded for your feedback on studies.


Tips to make the most from User Interviews

  • Keep your profile updated. You will not land many opportunities if your profile states only your name and age. The more details you add, the more exposure you get
  • Check your email regularly so that you don’t miss any study opportunities. As with any other survey site, have a dedicated email for these studies
  • Be honest about your responses. It will not work out if you are not truthful about your responses. You might lose your account


Is User Interviews worth your time?

That entirely depends on the type of studies you get and the time you spend to do them. My personal take on this is that you should choose the studies that are highly relevant to you and pay well.

User Interviews can be another excellent addition to your extra income hustles like Survey Junkie or MyPoints.

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