The Ultimate Guide To Making Money With Swagbucks


The Ultimate Guide To Making Money With SwagbucksI am a total side hustle junkie. I have tried many hustles, and extra income ways and Swagbucks has been the most rewarding option especially when it comes to my time.

Many of my readers have asked me how they can make money from Swagbucks, so today, I am sharing exactly how you can make money from this GPT website.

There are many legitimate GPT (get-paid-to) sites on the web, but Swagbucks has a very high reputation. They have paid out $197,864,302 to their members till now!! That’s a big number, right?!!

Signing up is FREE and you get a of $5 bonus when you register!

So, what’s the secret to making money with Swagbucks?

The unique thing about this GPT site is, you can do many things and earn money. You don’t have to sit 40 hours a week on this to make extra cash. Just follow the steps below and earn ‘Swagbucks’ in a smart way.

Below are the four major ways you can make money with Swagbucks. I have also mentioned other ways which can give you lesser points.



Search is one of the easiest ways to start making money with Swagbucks. You can do this in a couple of ways like make Swagbucks as your default search engine on your computer or download the Swagbucks app and search from your mobile. If you are going to be on your computer and browse the web, then why not do it through Swagbucks and get paid!



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Now, this is my favorite way of earning extra cash from Swagbucks. Of all the ways, watching videos can be very passive and less time taking. Again there are some tips and hacks that you can follow to make most of this. Just play the videos on your computer and your phone (download their app) and continue them in the background while you do your work. This way you don’t have to be on it and still earn cash.



If you are someone like me, then you do most of your shopping online, in places like Target, Walmart, Amazon and more. In fact, I do major part of my online shopping through Swagbucks which is convenient and earn points for doing my usual shopping.

Do you know what’s the best part is? For a limited time, you can receive a bonus of $10 when you shop through Swagbucks. The points you earn depends on your shopping, but you earn $10 as a bonus once you make an eligible purchase.



This is another way to make money with this GPT site. You get a lot of high paying surveys with Swagbucks, but there is a chance that you can get disqualified for surveys. Sometimes the surveys are long and pay more SB’s, but that is not very common.

Though there is no set amount you can earn with surveys, if you at least get 2 to 3 surveys you can make around $10 a month.


Other Ways to Earn Money with Swagbucks


I love referring good programs to my friends, and Swagbucks has an amazing referral program. Once your friends sign up through your link, you earn 10% of their earnings for life. Cool!! With so many different ways to earn, I would surely refer this website to my friends.



You don’t earn much from daily polls but then it does not take much time to do this, so why not go for it. You can earn 1 SB daily for the polls.



This is another interesting way to buy things for a lower price and to top it, you earn points for it. How great is that!! Just go to their ‘Coupons’ tab and print the ones you need and start saving and making money.



This is more of a fun way to earn money with Swagbucks. Playing games is something everyone does on their mobiles, so do this to get paid. Does that sound good?



You can earn 1 SB a day when you keep the Swagbutton installed. This is a just browser extension, and it also alerts you when you have new Swagcodes.



Another small way to earn extra Swagbucks, you get alerts about swag codes on your browser extension, or you can check their Facebook for codes.


Points to remember to earn more from Swagbucks

  • It is possible to make some good extra cash from Swagbucks if you have a plan to earn towards a target
  • Always do all the tasks mentioned every day to earn most SB’s
  • In my personal opinion, searching and videos are the most passive ways, so focus on them mostly
  • Always redeem your SB’s once you reach your requirement

Swagbucks is one of many ways to earn extra income and it is one of my favorites.  Sign up today and start earning extra cash from home.


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