Valued Opinions Review – A Survey Panel Worth Your Time

Valued Opinions Review - A Survey Panel Worth Your TimeIn the series of reviewing some online money making options, today I have a survey panel for you.

Valued Opinions.

As you would have noticed, I have reviewed a survey panel earlier as well. The reason I am doing reviews of research survey panels is that there is a lot of debate about their authenticity and if they pay at all.

Valued Opinions is one of the survey websites which I have used and have had success to make some extra cash.

Valued Opinions have recently revamped their website, and has more useful features now.

Today, I will give some details about this survey panel and how to make good money from it.


How is Valued Opinions different from other survey panels?

Valued Opinions is one survey panel where you can make money relatively quickly when compared to other sites. There are many high paying surveys, and the frequency of getting surveys is high. Another thing with this survey panel, is you don’t get screened out much.

Blogging As A Side Hustle: Why Blogging is the Best Way to Make Money Online

Blogging As A Side Hustle: Why Blogging is the Best Way to Make Money OnlineSo you have been putting off the idea of starting a blog, and you have a hundred reasons for it. You don’t have time, you don’t think it would sustain, you think it’s not worth the effort, etc.

But there is a desire in you to start something where you write about what you love, express yourself, and you also want to earn from your blog.

I passed through the same phase before I jumped into blogging.

I almost got tempted to start a blog a few years ago but I did not. I finally could not resist it, and I have begun my blogging journey, which I enjoy immensely on the contrary to my fears.

Blogging is something which gives me an outlet while working full-time at my remote job. Talking about something I like and trying to help others was very satisfying.

Through the journey, I did realise that it is incredibly rewarding as well. I worked hard to juggle my job and write the posts at night, but it was all worth it when I started to see that my hard work was paying.

Blogging as a side hustle has been a superb way of making money on the side for me, and it can work out for you too. (more…)

Get Paid to Test Websites From Home

Get Paid to Test Websites From HomeToday, I am going to share with you a list of all the places where you can start your website testing as a side hustle.

Website Testing is a great way to make some extra cash and with most of the usability testing websites paying around $10, it can be a good side gig.


What is Website testing?

Simply put, as a website tester you have to go to a website and see the functionality of different sections of that site. You check if everything is working on the site.

As you navigate, you have to speak out about your opinion on the website. With some testing companies, you might need to use a webcam as well.


Do I need any technical expertise?

No. You don’t need to have any prior experience or knowledge for this, but you should know how to go about and check a website. A basic understanding of navigation on the web is enough for this role.

Apart from that, you should have good command over English and express your opinion clearly, as you get paid for your honest reviews. (more…)

Beginner’s Guide to Mystery Shopping For Extra Money

Beginner's Guide to Mystery Shopping For Extra Money

In pursuit of ways to make money online, today I have a great guest post by my friend Francesca of From Pennies to Pounds. She writes about personal finance and money making tips. She is a pro when it comes to juggling things like family, work and study. She has an awesome post about mystery shopping today to make some extra cash.


Mystery shopping is one of the most underrated side hustles, in my opinion. You have more than likely heard of mystery shopping, but do you know what it entails? I always thought that mystery shopping involved acting as an undercover detective and reeling off a memorised script to an unsuspecting worker. I thought that I would have to be a tough customer and kick up a fuss to see how they would react. How wrong I was!

Now, mystery shopping is one of my favourite ways to earn extra money. The reason that I love it so much is that I have managed to get a lot of free food…I am a big food lover! There are all kinds of mystery shops available – once you get into the world of mystery shopping, you will suddenly realise how many companies employ mystery shoppers to come and assess their staff. (more…)

5 High Paying Remote Jobs in Tech Industry

5 High Paying Remote Jobs in Tech IndustryLet’s face it.

Everybody wants to earn a good six figure income in a job. And this is thought to be possible in a normal 9-5 job.

What if I say that there are jobs which give you the much sought after six figures sitting at your home?


With more and more companies turning to hire remote workers, it is getting easy to find a good job in any field. Companies like SAP, Apple, Xerox, Microsoft, IBM are recruiting more and more home workers.

The main reason for the increasing number of companies to go the telecommuting way is flexibility.

The flexibility to work at any time, the ease to work in the comfort of your home and the biggest reason for the tech industry to go this way is most of the work is done online.

The pay scales I have indicated are for US, but these jobs have almost the same pay range in other countries.

Let’s get into the details and which suits you.


Make Money From Home As A Transcriptionist

Make Money From Home As A TranscriptionistMost of my readers ask me about typing or transcription jobs, because they are the most flexible options to work from home.

Transcription is a very popular work at home job, but not many know what exactly it involves and how to become a transcriber.

Today, I have all the details about Transcription from an expert, Janet Shaughnessy. She started working as a medical transcriber in 2007 and later created a course, Transcribe Anywhere, to help others work online as Transcriptionist in both legal and general transcription fields.

Now, let’s get into this detailed interview to answer all your questions about this excellent side hustle.


What is Transcription and tell us about how you become a Transcriptionist?

Transcription is the process of turning audio and video files into text documents. There’s a myth that people who don’t really understand what transcription is continue to float around the internet — that anyone can be a transcriptionist and all you need to know is how to type. That’s simply not true. (more…)

How I Made $3,226.89 in 5th Month of Blogging

Month 5 Blog Update - How I Made $3,226.89 in One MonthIt is the most exciting time of the month where I share all my ups and downs of my blogging journey with all of you.

This update is all more special because this is the last update for this year and many exciting things happened this month.

This year is quite special to me; I started this blog from just an idea to making it live back in July. It is still feels surreal to me, but thanks to all of you, I am so inspired to make it more resourceful and helpful.

It was again a great month regarding traffic, income and writing more useful content.

Though I have set some high targets for this month, I am totally happy I could reach my goals.

The two reasons I share my blog update and income report, first to be accountable and then to show you no matter how young your blog is, you can make money from it.

Last month the traffic was over 70,000 page views, and I was aiming at 100,000 for this month. (more…)

Best Work-at-Home Night Jobs

Best Work-at-Home Night JobsAll of us have our way of working and tailor our schedule according to our most productive hours. For me, it is at nights and early mornings.

What is your golden hour of working?

Many love working at night because the kids are asleep or because they also have a day job. All in all what matters at the end is how productive you are.

Though it can be hard to find good night working jobs which pay well, it is not entirely impossible. The number might be less, but as more and more companies start the virtual work option, the third shift will also become a common trend.

Today, I have tried to list as many companies as possible which let you work at nights/evenings.



This company has call centre agent positions available for remote workers. The role is very flexible, so working at night is possible, and it is open to only US residents. (more…)

35 Work-at-Home Non-Phone Jobs to Fit Your Schedule

35 Work At Home Non-Phone JobsLet us face it, though there are many work-at-home jobs out there, you cannot do most of them. Why?

Because half of them need you to be using a phone. That means a quieter environment.

What does that mean? It means that the most of the mums cannot go for these jobs. With kids at home, it is near to impossible to get a quiet place or time.

It is quite a challenge especially for stay at home mums to find work at home job or money making side gigs which can be flexible around kids.

I know your pain; I am a work at home mum with two kids at home.

This should not deter you from looking for work-at-home jobs; there are loads of online jobs that are available which don’t ask for a phone.

Today, I am curating a list of work at home jobs/gigs which don’t necessarily need a phone. Though most of them need you to be on the computer and sometimes use a particular workspace, it is much easier and doable than talking over the phone with kids around.

Please check the websites to see if the companies are currently hiring. (more…)

Top Free Resources to Jumpstart Your Online Hustle

Top Free Resources to Jumpstart Your Online HustleAre you thinking of beginning your work from home career, but not sure what you can do or what could be your area of interest?

Well, you are not alone.  

There are so many people who are confused what money-making work at home jobs or profitable businesses they can start. It can be very confusing with so many choices out there.

If it is a job, then the decision is pretty easy, you go ahead and apply for the ones which are available, and you clearly know what kind of job you are going to get. You might not even need anything to start off there.

But if it is an online business or job, then it is vital that you start on the right foot.

Today, I am going to give you a roundup of work at home side hustles which have helped many people and might help you in taking a right direction for your future WAH career.

All of these e-courses are FREE. So, go ahead and explore your passion. (more…)