How to Earn 6 Figure Income As A Freelance Writer

How to Earn 6 Figure Income As A Freelance Writer

Today, I have the most interesting interview with Holly Johnson.

She is a freelance writer who earns $200,000/ year writing online. How awesome is that!!

Let’s get into the interview now.


Please tell us about yourself and how you started as a freelance writer.

I picked up freelance writing as a side hustle in around 2012. I had always been passionate about writing, but starting our blog helped me discover the vast opportunity for writers on the web. I started writing part-time only because I still had a traditional, 9-5 job. After writing online for a year, however, I chose to quit my job to write full-time. The rest is history.


What are the biggest challenges writers face when starting their career and what tips do you have for them? (more…)

8 Simple Ways to Earn $1,500/year in Passive Income

8 Simple Ways to Earn $1,500 in Passive IncomeIt is amazing that there are so many ways of making money online and not many people know about them. It takes lot of research to find such gigs.

But the biggest challenge with these extra money makers is finding out what is worth your time. I never believed that making money online passively is a possible option. But, now I am convinced.

Do you know that you can earn good extra cash online totally PASSIVE?

Surprised!!! You surely can.

Earning money online passively has many advantages, it gives you freedom to do other things while the money adds up.

My last post about extra money making was helpful to many of my readers, I am really happy for that and it inspired me to find out more easy ways of making extra cash.

Today, I will share with you some unique ways of earning around $1,500 per year without you doing much for it.

So, how do you do it? (more…)

18 Places To Start Your Freelance Writing Gig

18 Places To Start Your Freelance Writing GigProbably, freelance writing is the most lucrative side hustle right now.

Why do I say that?

With so many websites coming up, there is a constant demand for content creation.

This is where freelance writers come in. Freelance writers can utilize their skill to write for blogs, magazines, online publications, etc.

They can also be hired by some big websites or bloggers to be a staff writer for their websites. That can become a steady stream of income.

There are many places where you can look for good paying freelance writing gigs like,

One thing you would have to be sure when you are a newbie is, your grammar and English have to be good when applying for the writing gigs, this being the most important requirement.

I am not a professional writer, but something that helps me to write is Grammarly. It does an excellent job of error proof (well, almost). It can be a huge help if you are just starting out as a freelance writer. Though it might not do a proofreading job like a real person, it does pretty for an app.




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