valued opinions reviewIn the series of reviewing some online money making options, today I have a survey panel for you.

Valued Opinions.

As you would have noticed, I have reviewed a survey panel earlier as well. The reason I am doing reviews of research survey panels is that there is a lot of debate about their authenticity and if they pay at all.

Valued Opinions is one of the survey websites which I have used and have had success to make some extra cash.

Valued Opinions have recently revamped their website, and has more useful features now.

Today, I will give some details about this survey panel and how to make good money from it.


How is Valued Opinions different from other survey panels?

Valued Opinions is one survey panel where you can make money relatively quickly when compared to other sites. There are many high paying surveys, and the frequency of getting surveys is high. Another thing with this survey panel, is you don’t get screened out much.


How much do you get paid per survey?

It varies according to the length of the survey, but usually, a 20-minute survey can get you around $3 to $4.


How much time do you invest in doing the surveys?

They are usually 20 to 25 minutes long. I did receive longer surveys (around 30 minutes) for which you get paid more.


Are there are any product testing opportunities?

There are some product testing opportunities but not many. The usual way to make extra cash is with surveys.


How many surveys do you get normally?

I usually get at least 2 to 3 surveys daily; this depends more on the demographics. You get email invites for the surveys, you can also log on to the panel and check if there are any surveys available.


Is this survey panel available worldwide?

Valued Opinions is available in countries like the USA, Canada, Australia, UK, etc.


How do you get paid with this survey panel?

They pay through gift cards and cash. You can also donate to charity. The minimum redemption amount is $20; it does vary with different countries.

They do have many gift cards to choose from like Amazon, Walmart, Macy’s and much more. They also have Flexi e-Gift cards.


Where do you sign up for Valued Opinions?

You can sign up for Valued Opinions here. Remember to fill up your profile 100 percent to get selected for more surveys.

As with any survey panel, you do have to keep some things in mind like you have to do the surveys as you get invited, as the quota fills up very soon and the invites totally depend on the demographics.

With so many scams out there in surveys, Valued Opinions is one of the most legitimate ones, and it pays well and quickly.


Have you tried Valued Opinions? Do you have any tips to make money from this panel?



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