Fancy Hands Review – Work from Home as a Virtual Assistant

fancy hands reviewIt is a widely known fact that virtual assisting is the most in-demand job of all work-from-home jobs. Today, we are reviewing Fancy Hands, a company that provides virtual assistant services to many businesses.

If you are new to the term virtual assistant, then think of a VA as a virtual secretary. There are many services a virtual assistant can provide, and here is a comprehensive list of them.

There are many advantages of choosing virtual assisting as a career.  It’s flexible, it pays well, you can offer a lot of services, and it’s completely online. 

Let’s learn more about this company in our Fancy Hands review


About Fancy Hands

Located in New York, this company hires virtual assistants in the US for a variety of tasks. Unlike other virtual assistant companies, Fancy Hands caters to even the smallest gigs like making reservations, booking appointments, etc. That’s one of the plus points of this company. (more…)

Top 5 Time Management Skills You Need to Work from Home

time management skillsWorking from home for over a decade has taught me many things.

The number one thing I’ve learned is the importance of having killer time management skills.

Every day I get many emails from people who want to work from home but are clueless about how they are going to manage kids at home. I cannot stress enough that you need to perfect this one skill to be able to work from home efficiently.

It’s something that has given me more time to spend with my family, ensured I achieve work goals, allowed me to be more focused on growing my business, and finally have some “me-time.”

These are the best time management skills to ace working from home:


Outsource Tasks

Are you spending endless hours doing things that could be done by someone else while you focus more time on your business/remote job? I am sure you’re wasting more time than you know. The whole of the work-from-home tribe is guilty of this most of the time. (more…)

7 Easy Jobs for Teens That Are Flexible and Legit

jobs for teensThanks to the booming world of side hustles, teens are gearing up for side jobs more and more, according to this report.

Learning money management, getting the hang of managing time, and gaining other soft skills are some of the advantages of getting teen jobs.

Though there are a good number of jobs for teens, you should be careful to choose legitimate ones that will give you flexibility.

Things to know before looking for jobs for teens


Always check the age restrictions for jobs

The most important thing to check when looking for jobs as a teen is checking the age restrictions. There might be jobs that you are really interested in, but most of them are not suitable for teenagers. Always check the job descriptions before hitting the “apply” button and keep your parents informed about the whole process. (more…)

Course Hero Review – Is Course Hero Legit? Find Out How Much You Can Earn as a Course Hero Tutor

course hero reviewToday, the work-from -home industry is booming with online tutoring jobs.

Everyone wants these most popular, flexible, and good-paying gigs.

I have reviewed many online tutoring companies, and today, we will find out more about Course Hero. This company is fast becoming very popular for online tutors.

In this Course Hero review, you will find out more about this company and figure out if it is the right choice for you.

What is Course Hero?

Founded in 2006, Course Hero is an online learning platform designed to help students with various subjects. It has massive resources of study guides, practice problems, videos, etc. that are contributed by students and educators.

With over 15,000 verified educators, Course Hero provides comprehensive support to students, and it actively hire tutors to work from home to create guides, videos, or lessons. (more…)

CACTUS Global Review: Work-from-Home Editing Jobs at CACTUS Global

cactus globalSome of the best jobs to work from home are proofreading or editing jobs.

These are skilled jobs, the pay is excellent, and the best part is that many legit companies have work-from-home roles for these jobs.

CACTUS Global is one such company that provides both work from home jobs and freelance roles for editors and writers.


About CACTUS Global

Founded in 2002, CACTUS Global is a medical communications company that is based in Mumbai, India. It provides scientific solutions for many pharmaceutical and medical device companies. The company prides itself on having a very experienced team of editors and writers in the medical field.

CACTUS Global is rated as one of the Top 100 Remote Work Companies to watch out for in 2019 by FlexJobs. (more…)

8 Low-Stress and Fun Jobs That Pay Well

low stress jobsIn this era of working 24/7, low-stress jobs seem like a dream to many. Some might even laugh at the idea of finding less stressful jobs that really pay well because the work pressure, the late nights, and the tight deadlines are all real.

According to a study, high job strain can lead to mental health issues and poor performance in work.

A simple answer to this problem is choosing less stressful jobs that are fun to do and where you can earn a decent income.

There are many reasons you might want to take up low-stress jobs:

  • You are a stay-at-home mom who wants to balance work and family with a flexible job.
  • You already have a job and want to hustle in a less stressful job on the side.
  • You have health issues and want a job where you can set your own schedule.

It doesn’t  matter what your reasons are for searching a low-stress job; you can definitely find an easy and fun job to do from home. (more…)

6 Ideal Jobs for Introverts Where You Work Alone (Top Careers for Introverts)

jobs for introvertsDo you avoid all work -related social interactions but hope to find ideal jobs for introverts?

If that’s you, then you need to read this post. 

Today, I am going to share perfect jobs for introverts who want to work alone and earn money from home.

It’s true; as an introvert you face a lot of situations where you are either not in the right kind of job or struggling to network with colleagues or having trouble landing any job.

These are the common woes of introverts who want to start a career or look for ways to make money.

According to this survey, extroverts tend to earn more money than introverts for obvious reasons. If you have ever worked in an office as an introvert, you will know how easily extroverted employees take the lead and get better pay.

But not all hope is lost for people who want to work alone.

There are many low-stress jobs that can be done flexibly from home and give you a good income. Most importantly, the fact that you’re an introvert will have no effect on your ability to do these jobs. (more…)

15 Best Remote Jobs High in Demand in 2020

remote jobsEveryone is searching for remote jobs. They are the new normal now in the job industry.

The reason?

No one wants to do the long commute, get into sticky office politics, or sacrifice their family life for a desk job.

According to one of the reports, 80% of employees want to work from home at least half the time.

Telecommuting is becoming a big demand in the market, and rightfully, companies are embracing this culture.

But here are some questions those new to this term may have:


What Are Remote Jobs?

Remote jobs are jobs that you can do away from the office, whether it is at home or any other place. These are traditional roles, but they’re done away from an office location.

The number of remote jobs is increasing in every industry as this work arrangement is beneficial for the company, the employee, and in the long run, for the environment as you cut down on travel. (more…)

TranscribeMe Review: Is TranscribeMe Legit? Let’s Find Out

transcribeme reviewI review a lot of work-from-home companies, and today, I’ m sharing a TranscribeMe review to give you more information about this transcription company. 

You will agree with me when I say that transcription jobs are the best choice to work from home.

If you are a beginner and want to start transcribing from home, then TranscribeMe is one of the best ways to get started.

Whether you are looking to dip your feet into transcription as a career or looking for something to do as a side hustle, getting started with TranscribeMe is perfect for any case.

Before we get into this in-depth TranscribeMe review, if you are brand new to the transcription career, then this free short course will help you to learn more about this career. This course will give you all the information you need to find out more about this work-from-home career. (more…)

9 Amazon Work-from-Home Gigs You Can Start Today

amazon work from homeDid you know that there are many Amazon work-from-home gigs you can do apart from just using the marketplace to shop online?

If you thought that Amazon is only an e-commerce shopping site, then you are in for a surprise.

This retail giant has so many opportunities to make money from home or side hustle that there is something for everyone. With over 600K worldwide employees worldwide, many of whom are remote or home-based, Amazon has for many years been creating a lot of work-from-home/side gig options for people who are interested in having flexible work options.

Some of these gigs are well known, and some of them will surprise you. So dig in and find out which one suits you best.


Top Amazon Work-from-Home Gigs


Apply for Amazon Customer Service

This remote job is mostly advertised around holidays. The role is work-from-home customer service and is available in many states in the US. (more…)

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