The Ultimate Guide To Making Money With Swagbucks

The Ultimate Guide To Making Money With SwagbucksI am a total side hustle junkie. I have tried many hustles, and extra income ways and Swagbucks has been the most rewarding option especially when it comes to my time.

Many of my readers have asked me how they can make money from Swagbucks, so today, I am sharing exactly how you can make money from this GPT website.

There are many legitimate GPT (get-paid-to) sites on the web, but Swagbucks has a very high reputation. They have paid out $197,864,302 to their members till now!! That’s a big number, right?!!

Signing up is FREE and you get a of $5 bonus when you register!

So, what’s the secret to making money with Swagbucks?

The unique thing about this GPT site is, you can do many things and earn money. You don’t have to sit 40 hours a week on this to make extra cash. Just follow the steps below and earn ‘Swagbucks’ in a smart way.

Below are the four major ways you can make money with Swagbucks. I have also mentioned other ways which can give you lesser points. (more…)

11 Work at Home Jobs Paying Big Bucks

11 Work-at-Home Jobs Paying Big BucksI love finding out different ways to work from home, and sometimes I come across some jobs which pay really well, as much as any other full-time job.

Today, I will share a list of work from home jobs which pay big bucks. I know, it is hard to believe that online jobs can give a full-time income. But trust me, they can. For instance, I almost earned a full-time income through my blog within a year. And there are so many other work-at-home jobs which can give an income that you can live on.


Voice Over Actor

Did you know that you can get paid to record your voice? Yes, you can! It is called Voice over Acting. You can find voice over projects with Voices, Voicebunny or at freelancing websites like Upwork, Guru, etc. The pay does depend on your experience, projects and whether you are working as a freelancer or for a company. A voice over actor can get paid $100 per minute of the audio. If you think that your voice can give you a great start, then go ahead find out all the details about voice over acting. (more…)

50+ Legitimate Work-at-Home Options for Everyone

50+ Legitimate Work-at-Home Options For EveryoneI am sure you will agree with me when I say, finding practical ways to work from home is hard.

Why you ask?

Because most of the time, they turn out to be scams or they are not something you can make money from. It is indeed hard to find a legitimate work-at-home option and make money from it.

That is exactly why I am sharing a massive list of legit ways to work from home today. There are many things you can choose according to your income or work expectations.

Please remember that some of these work from home options are just meant to be extra income opportunities, so do not expect to make much from them. But the best way is to side-hustle them with the main income earner to increase your earning. That really works for me.

Ready to dig into this massive list of work-at-home options?

Let’s go! (more…)

10 Smart Ways to Search for Real Online Jobs

10 Smart Ways to Search for Real Online JobsLet’s admit it. Remote jobs or work-at-home jobs are hard to find, especially with all those work-at-home scams out there. Today, I will share some smart ways to search for real online jobs.

Before we get on with these great ways, you need to remember few things,

Because work-at-home jobs are in high demand, the positions are not open for long.

It is always good to do a thorough research about the job, even if you have found the job on a very reliable website. I do my best to search for legitimate opportunities, but I would suggest you double check.

Always keep a bunch of sites bookmarked to check if there are any roles available.

Finally, be ready to give some time to find the right work-at-home job. They are not easy to find, but eventually you will find the right one, if you persist.

If you want an easy checklist on how to search for a work-at-home job, I have a simple, step-by-step checklist. This can guide you to find your first work from home job easily. (more…)

Top 8 Reasons You Should Start Blogging Today

Top 8 Reasons You Should Start Blogging TodayAt one point of time, before starting my blog, I was very skeptical of how a blog can be a good business model. But now after one year of blogging, I can see why it is the best way to work from home, especially for anyone who aspires to have a complete online business.

There might be hundreds of reasons you stop yourself from starting a blog, but today I will give you all the reasons that I believe why blogging is the BEST option and why you should start a blog.
My blogging journey began one year ago in July 2016, and after this one year I earn more than a full-time income from my blog. This one year has given me numerous reasons why I recommend blogging for anyone who wants to work from home.


Below are some of the reasons why you should start blogging,


Talk about Your Passion

We all have our interests or things we love to do. Blogging can be an excellent way to channel out your passions. Whether it is traveling, photography, frugal living, education, money management, crafts etc, the topics are endless for you to blog about. (more…)

First Year Blog Update: How I Earned over $36,000 in One Year of Blogging

First Year Blog Update - How I Earned Over $36,000 in One YearI am finally sharing my first year blogging update.

First year!!

WOW!! It’s already been a year since I started my blog and I am so grateful for all the support and help I got from everyone.

Seriously, in this one year I have come to know how helpful this blogging community is and I am so thankful to be a part of it. And I am grateful to all my readers who keep sending me email messages about my posts.

Last year was a big rollercoaster ride for me right from starting my blog to making it a full-time business.

Yes, I am earning more than a full-time income from my blog within a year. I am not saying it is going to be the same for everyone, but you will never know what you can achieve if you don’t try. I took the leap, and I am super happy that I did.

Lots of things happened last month with regards to changing my ad network, starting a new course and more, I want to share them with you. Hopefully, it is going to help you in your blogging journey in some way.

If you are thinking of starting a blog, just do it. I took the leap and started my blog, and now I am making significant income from it. It took time and hard work, but it is all worth it. I have an easy step-by-step guide to start a blog even if you are not a techie. So, go ahead and start your money-making blog. (more…)

10 Side Hustles You Can Start For Less Than $50

10 Side Hustles You Can Start For Less Than $50I love side hustles.

Who wouldn’t want an extra income stream to increase¬† financial stability or just as a hobby?

What I love about side hustles is that there are so many to choose from according to your skill or liking. And the money-making potential for most of the side hustles is great.

Some of them you can start for free and some you might have to invest first to get started.

Today, I am giving you a list of side hustles or side jobs which you can start for less than $50.

I know that investing in something can be hard when you are on a tight budget, but the income potential for most of these side hustles is enormous. So, have a read and try the ones which suit you.


Create Courses

I would probably not call this as a side hustle; this can be very well a main income earner. Melyssa Griffin earns most of her online income from her courses. If you have expertise in any skill, then you can go ahead and create courses or e-books on that topic and start making money. (more…)

Make Money by Referring Friends With These Awesome Sites

Make Money By Referring Friends With These Awesome SitesWouldn’t it be great if you could make money just by referring friends to your favorite programs?

It would be awesome!!

Well, that’s what today’s post is about. I am going to list out some of the referral programs which are excellent, legitimate and trust worthy.

Referral programs are the ones which give you some extra bonus when you refer someone. This can be a great way to make extra income recommending the products you love. But always remember, refer the programs which you have personally tried or which are highly recommended.

So, how do you get paid?

Whenever someone you referred joins the program, you get paid either in cash, through PayPal, by gift cards or by check. The best way to make money this way is to refer the programs you use, so you know the credibility of the product or brand.


Here goes the list,

Cashback Sites (more…)

5+ Flexible Work-at-Home Jobs That Let You Set Your Own Schedule

5+ Flexible Work-at-Home Jobs That Let You Set Your Own ScheduleThere are so many work-at-home jobs around, but the ones that let you work when you want to are the most wanted. Having flexible work is the best feature when you are planning to look for online jobs.

The independence of working in your own time can be beneficial for many reasons such as low stress, being more productive and having a good work-life balance.

Today, I will share some of the work-at-home jobs/ hustles which have high flexibility and can give you the freedom of working whenever you want according to your schedule.


Data Entry

Data entry jobs are the most wanted on the web because the work is relatively easy and most of us have basic typing skills. Typing jobs are usually flexible where you work when you want to with only project deadlines.

You can easily pick data entry gig on websites like MTurk, Clickworker and freelancing sites like Upwork (formerly oDesk), Freelancer, etc.

Though data entry jobs don’t pay much, the main point here is to get the flexibility than the income. You can also check out this list of websites which offer data entry gigs. (more…)

13+ Work-at-Home Companies hiring Always (Almost)

13+ Work-At-Home Companies Hiring Almost AlwaysSearching for a work from home job is pretty much similar to any other job search process. You want to find out which companies are hiring at present and apply. First, you will have to search for legitimate companies and then check if they are hiring.

But this whole process can be made much easier if you know which companies recruit work-at-home positions almost all year long.

Yes!! There are companies which recruit work from home or remote positions all through the year, well almost.

Today, I am making a list of companies in different fields like virtual assisting, customer service, sales, transcription which have positions open all year.



This uber famous company hires for At Home Advisor which is the most popular position. You will be helping customers who have product based enquiries and who are looking for support. This position is advertised in many cities within the US. A good knowledge of the Apple products, a pleasant demeanour and zeal to help the customers are some of the basic requirements for the role. Apply for the role here. (more…)