Top 5 Time Management Skills You Need to Work from Home

time management skillsWorking from home for over a decade has taught me many things.

The number one thing I’ve learned is the importance of having killer time management skills.

Every day I get many emails from people who want to work from home but are clueless about how they are going to manage kids at home. I cannot stress enough that you need to perfect this one skill to be able to work from home efficiently.

It’s something that has given me more time to spend with my family, ensured I achieve work goals, allowed me to be more focused on growing my business, and finally have some “me-time.”

These are the best time management skills to ace working from home:


Outsource Tasks

Are you spending endless hours doing things that could be done by someone else while you focus more time on your business/remote job? I am sure you’re wasting more time than you know. The whole of the work-from-home tribe is guilty of this most of the time. (more…)

MyPoints Review – A Legit Website to Earn Extra Money?

mypoints reviewEarning some extra money from survey sites is not entirely impossible.

The key is to use a good number of sites that pay well with a low rate of disqualification.

Though the biggest complaints about surveys are almost always about low pay and low frequency of surveys, this is not the case with MyPoints.

In this MyPoints review, we will find out why it’s on par with the top survey companies and how to earn extra money from it.


About MyPoints

Founded in 1996, MyPoints has something for everyone. You can take surveys, play games, shop online, search the web, print coupons, etc. to earn or save money.

An easy to navigate website with a massive list of rewards makes MyPoints an excellent choice for survey takers. (more…)

7 Easy Jobs for Teens That Are Flexible and Legit

jobs for teensThanks to the booming world of side hustles, teens are gearing up for side jobs more and more, according to this report.

Learning money management, getting the hang of managing time, and gaining other soft skills are some of the advantages of getting teen jobs.

Though there are a good number of jobs for teens, you should be careful to choose legitimate ones that will give you flexibility.

Things to know before looking for jobs for teens


Always check the age restrictions for jobs

The most important thing to check when looking for jobs as a teen is checking the age restrictions. There might be jobs that you are really interested in, but most of them are not suitable for teenagers. Always check the job descriptions before hitting the “apply” button and keep your parents informed about the whole process. (more…)

13 Top Websites to Sell Textbooks Online in 2020

sell textbooks onlineAlmost everyone  experiences the student phase in life where you want to get rid of your old textbooks to earn some extra money.

I did too!

It is much easier now than ever to sell textbooks online with so many bookselling marketplaces available today.

Now you don’t have to run around selling them to your friends or doing garage sales. In the last decade, many legit and exclusive bookselling platforms have come up. Anyone can use these websites to make some extra money and also get rid of clutter.


Here are the best websites to sell textbooks online,



One of the most trusted book selling companies is BookScouter. The greatest advantage of selling books with BookScouter, which has around 30 vendors listed on its platform is that you get to compare and sell for the best prices. (more…)

Get Paid for Dining Out – Seated App Review

seated reviewDid you know that an average of 70% of Americans dine out every year?

Even with inflation going up, dining out is something everyone does.

But you don’t have to worry about burning a hole in your pocket to eat out.


There is a great way to get rewarded for dining out with Seated. Imagine going to your favorite restaurant without the guilt of spending money?

Amazing, right?!

In today’s Seated app review, you will learn exactly how to earn rewards for eating out.

Here is the Seated app review-


What is Seated?

Founded in 2017, the Seated app allows you to book your table at a restaurant and get rewarded with gift cards. With over 2,000 participating restaurants in five cities, this app is fast becoming a favorite choice for everyone. The app pays up to 30% of your bill back in gift cards. (more…)

Make Money Renting Baby Stuff – BabyQuip Review

rent baby stuffAre you a stay-at-home mom looking for extra income or thinking of starting your own business?

It is as easy as renting your baby stuff.

Yes, it is that simple.

BabyQuip is a platform for people to earn money on their own terms by renting and delivering baby stuff. You will help traveling families enjoy their holidays stress-free. It’s easy to get started and BabyQuip has an amazing community to help you find your feet in your new business.

Today, we have an interesting interview with Sara Pereira who work for BabyQuip as a Quality Provider.


Here is how you can earn money renting baby stuff,


Can you tell us about yourself and how you got started as a QP with Babyquip?

I am a mom of two (a six-year-old boy and a four-year-old girl), and I have been married for almost 12 years. My background is in human resources, and my last role was director of human resources for a SaaS organization where I built the HR department for the organization. (more…)

8 Legit Direct Sales Companies to Start Your Home Business

direct salesAre you searching for home businesses and coming across all sorts of direct sales companies?

Though direct sales businesses have a bad rap (it requires a lot of research to find a legit one), there are indeed a good number of companies that help you to start a direct sales home business.

Today, I am going to share a list of direct sales companies in different categories and also some tips on how to get started with them.

But, before I get into the list of these companies, let’s answer some reader questions about them.

Are there any legit direct sales companies?

Yes, there are. It can be a daunting task to find good direct sales companies that will not scam you, but you can find them. Just be careful not to fall prey to the home business scams with high-income promises.

Always do your research before choosing a company to start your home business. It is a good idea to check if the company is listed on Direct Selling Association (DSA). (more…)

Instacart Shopper Review: Earn Money Shopping for Groceries

instacart shopperAre you a student or a stay-at-home mom looking for side jobs?

Here is the perfect side hustle for you—being an Instacart Shopper.

I know there are many food delivery side hustles like Postmates and Doordash, but Instacart works in a different way. If you have a car and want to start a side hustle, then this is a great way to earn extra money.

Let’s find out everything about this company and how you can start a new side gig as an Instacart Shopper.


About Instacart

Founded in 2012, Instacart is an online grocery delivery service that makes the whole grocery delivery process easier.

Instacart is available in more than 5,000 locations in the US and Canada. It has varied delivery options ranging from within two hours to one week. With over 7,000 Instacart shoppers, this side gig is something worth trying if you’ve got some free time in the week. (more…)

Course Hero Review – Is Course Hero Legit? Find Out How Much You Can Earn as a Course Hero Tutor

course hero reviewToday, the work-from -home industry is booming with online tutoring jobs.

Everyone wants these most popular, flexible, and good-paying gigs.

I have reviewed many online tutoring companies, and today, we will find out more about Course Hero. This company is fast becoming very popular for online tutors.

In this Course Hero review, you will find out more about this company and figure out if it is the right choice for you.

What is Course Hero?

Founded in 2006, Course Hero is an online learning platform designed to help students with various subjects. It has massive resources of study guides, practice problems, videos, etc. that are contributed by students and educators.

With over 15,000 verified educators, Course Hero provides comprehensive support to students, and it actively hire tutors to work from home to create guides, videos, or lessons. (more…)

CACTUS Global Review: Work-from-Home Editing Jobs at CACTUS Global

cactus globalSome of the best jobs to work from home are proofreading or editing jobs.

These are skilled jobs, the pay is excellent, and the best part is that many legit companies have work-from-home roles for these jobs.

CACTUS Global is one such company that provides both work from home jobs and freelance roles for editors and writers.


About CACTUS Global

Founded in 2002, CACTUS Global is a medical communications company that is based in Mumbai, India. It provides scientific solutions for many pharmaceutical and medical device companies. The company prides itself on having a very experienced team of editors and writers in the medical field.

CACTUS Global is rated as one of the Top 100 Remote Work Companies to watch out for in 2019 by FlexJobs. (more…)