Pinecone Research Review: Why This Survey Panel is Worth Your Time


How To Earn $3 Per Survey With This Legitimate Survey PanelThere are many survey sites on the web but only some qualify for being very legitimate ones and most importantly worth your time.

Personally, I always chose the surveys that don’t have a high disqualification rate and give me good returns. I am constantly searching for good authentic survey sites which pay well.

Though I have mentioned Pinecone Research earlier, I have never shared in-depth information about this excellent research panel.


A little bit more about Pinecone Research

The first thing you have to look into with a survey company is how legitimate it is. Pinecone research is backed by Nielsen which is a leading market research company with an A+ rating on Better Business Review (BBB).

Like all the other research platforms of Nielsen, Pinecone Research is very authentic survey panel worth your time.


Why is this survey panel different from others?

Well, this is the question you want to ask, right?!

Pinecone Research is different from other survey panels because its per survey pay starts around $3 and that’s the start. Not many surveys can boast of such stable payout. Not only that, but you also get to go to a higher pay depending on how long you have been an active member.


How much can you earn with it?

With Pinecone, you can rake up to $45 to $50 a month, considering you get at least 15 surveys a month with $3 payout.

pinecone research homescreen

As you spend more time in doing the surveys, your payout can be around $5. So, that’s the easiest $50 earned for you.



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How do you get paid?

You can get paid by PayPal or check. They pay you within 48 hours which is great in my opinion, if you need money fast.


Are there any other opportunities to earn with Pinecone Research?

They also offer product testing opportunities, but these are not very common. The chances for you to get selected for product testing gigs would be less. In addition to product testing, they have a weekly contest, where you have a chance of winning $500.


Tips and Tricks

As with any other survey panels, you need to be smart in using your time to do the surveys. Do not do them solely, try to multitask them with other work.

Pinecone does not send many surveys, but they do send out the ones which you qualify for, so it is best to look out for them in your inbox.

And finally, do not expect to earn a full-time income from any extra income opportunities, they can surely add up to your income but cannot make up a full-time income.


What is your experience with Pinecone Research? Please comment below.

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