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How to Earn Over $4,000/month Working from Home

How To Earn Over $4,000/month Working From HomeOver the past eight years, I have explored different options to make money from home.


Because I firmly believe that making money from home was very much possible while taking care of kids. I wanted to show other work-at-home enthusiasts that earning a good income as a stay-at-home parent is possible.

It is true.

I am earning a GREAT INCOME working from home and have the time to do things that I love, be around my family without any work restrictions, travel whenever I want.

Want to know the reason for this?



I started my blog last year in 2016, and now after a year, I am earning almost $4000 per month all from the comfort of my home. And all that for investing just $2.95/month (this special price is only through my link and for limited time)

It is hard work. I have spent crazy hours working on my blog but believe me, it is the most flexible way to make money from home. It is definitely worth it.

So, after this one-year what’s my take on this?

I love it, and it is the most legitimate way to make money from home and anyone can do it!! (more…)

How to Work from Home As A Pinterest Virtual Assistant

How To Work From Home As A Pinterest Virtual Assistant

Do you love Pinterest?

Then, today I have a very interesting interview with Kristin of Believe In A Budget about making money online as a Pinterest Virtual Assistant.

If you are Pinterest savvy then this could be the work-at-home hustle you are looking for.


Over to Kristin now,

Can you please tell us about yourself and How did you get started as a Pinterest VA?

Hi, I’m Kristin! I created Believe In A Budget in January 2015 to share my adventures in side hustling. I’ve had a ‘side hustle’ mentality for years, without actually knowing that was a phrase until a couple of years ago.

Like many other new bloggers, I was at a loss for traffic in the early stages. I just didn’t understand how to get traffic. I had a hard time with SEO, ‘long tail keywords’ didn’t make any sense to me and I barely had a grasp on social media.

It wasn’t until I started looking into Pinterest that everything started clicking! Within one month of using Pinterest, my page views went from 5,000 to 17,000. Over the next six months, my page views continued to climb and before I knew it, I hit over 200,000 page views in one month, which I thought was totally crazy! (more…)

Monster List of Work-at-Home Companies paying $10-40 Per Hour

Monster List of Work-at-Home CompaniesAre you tired of searching for work-at-home companies that pay well? Don’t know where to look for legitimate online jobs?

Look no further!!

I have compiled a MONSTER list of work-at-home companies that pay anywhere between $10-40 an hour. I have categorized the jobs into the different areas so it’s easy for you to apply for the job you want.

It has over 50 work-at-home companies listed, with their average pay per hour. You just have to download the FREE checklist and apply for the roles you like.

I have also included some legitimate and quick side gigs, some of which I have tried personally.  


What will you get with this free checklist

1. Massive list of remote/work-at-home companies that are paying between $10 to $40 an hour
2. Bonus extra side gigs to supplement your income

Please remember that some of these companies might not be hiring right now, but it’s worth it to bookmark them to check the openings. (more…)

How I Earned $3,331.67 Blogging From Home in One Month

How I Earned $3,331.67 Blogging From Home In One MonthWelcome to another blog and income update. This month was full of learning and working on many things.

I have always been very excited and nervous about sharing my blog updates. It’s ‘not my thing’ to share all the details. But you know what, sharing these blog updates has given me an excellent opportunity to learn from my mistakes. It is quite easy to get overwhelmed in the blogging things, but these updates let me take a step back and analyze how things are going.

The traffic has started picking up in the month of October and I am hopeful this continues for the rest of the year.

If you are thinking of starting a blog, just do it. I took the leap and started my blog, and now I am making significant income from it. It took time and hard work, but is all worth it. I have a super easy step-by-step guide to start a blog even if you are not a techie. So, go ahead and start your money-making blog.

There are two reasons I share my blog update and income report, first to be accountable and then to show you no matter how young your blog is, you can still make money from it. (more…)

12 Legitimate Websites Giving Over $125 in Sign-Up Bonuses

Need Money Fast? 12 Websites Giving Over $125 Sign Up BonusesDo you know that you can make over $125 just by signing up for some of the most legitimate and useful websites for FREE?

Yes, you can!

Today, I am going to share with you a list of websites where you can sign up and earn quick cash.

Sign-up bonuses with good websites is like having a double benefit of registering for an excellent site to earn money and you will be earning a cool bonus immediately.

Please remember that this is one of the many ways to earn some side cash. Side income or extra money is beneficial for many things, and sometimes it is the way to go if you are looking for some quick cash or bump up your holiday fund.



InboxDollars is one more GPT site which has a cool bonus of $5 when you sign up. InboxDollars is quite similar to Swagbucks, and you can do things like reading emails, watching videos, watching ads, etc. (more…)

7 Things You Need to Know Before Starting a Blog

7 Things You Need To Know Before Starting A BlogIt’s like a dream.

That exciting feeling of starting your own business, having the super flexibility to work from home and most of all the money you can earn.

Blogging is all those things and more. But the thing no one talks about – It takes a LOT of work to get to the point you aspire.

There are many plus points to blogging like

1. Great income (you can check my income reports)

2. Freedom to work from home

3. Completely location-independent

4. A creative outlet for you

I am not saying it’s not possible for anyone to start a blog or earn a great income. There are few things that you need to understand before you start blogging as a business.


Let’s get this right, shall we?


It’s not a Get Rich Quick scheme (more…)

Why You are Failing to Make Money From Home

Why You are Failing to Make Money From HomeIf you are someone like me, then you believe in having different streams of income to be financially secure. But creating multiple streams of income is not easy, it takes a lot of planning and weighing your options.

And it becomes even more difficult if you want to create an income stream from home, whether it is in the form of a side hustle or a home business or work from home job.

I started my income source from home almost nine years ago. Let me tell you one thing; it was not easy. There were times when I got quite frustrated with all the choices out there.

I was continually facing questions like

Will this work for me?’

‘Am I going to get paid or is this a legitimate opportunity?’

‘Which one should I choose?’

It is entirely reasonable if you are in the same boat and feel the same.

Having a self-doubt about starting something from home to generate income is something we all face.

But from my own experience, I can tell you. IT IS POSSIBLE. It might take time, a lot of effort and brainstorm to find the right opportunity for you, but is very much possible to do it. (more…)

6 Work-at-Home Companies Hiring for Holidays

6 Work-at-Home Companies Hiring for HolidaysHolidays are a great way to earn extra money if you are looking for ways to supplement your income. This is also a perfect time to get your first work-at-home job. Usually, the companies are hiring aggressively for holiday season, and you have a big chance of getting the job.

Holidays are also a good time to bump up your savings or spending fund as these jobs are only for 3-4 months span. My usual plan for holidays is to work more on all the extra income ways and supplement my work and business income.

If you are looking for companies that regularly offer holiday period jobs, then check the list below. These are very legitimate and trustworthy work-at-home companies that hire for seasonal employment regularly.

Time to skyrocket those earnings for the next few months, right!



This famous company is almost always hiring during the holiday season, and they have been recruiting recently for some work-at-home customer service jobs in selected states throughout the US. (more…)

13 Surprising Ways You Can Make Money Every Day

13 Surprising Ways to Make Money Every DayDo you know every day you have so many chances to earn money online or offline? I get many emails from my readers asking about how to make money, but sometimes we don’t look in the right places and lose the opportunities to earn some extra income.

I always turn to these extra income earners during holidays to fund that additional spending. Extra income can be useful during holidays for shopping or travel or just to have a supplemental income fund. I firmly believe you should have more than one stream of income to be more financially secure.

Today, I am listing some easy ways to make money everyday and most of these are the things you do anyways in your daily routine.

All the below ways of earning extra income are the most legitimate and proven ways to make money online/offline.


So, go ahead and try them out.

Answer Questions

Do you like to advise people on subjects you are good at?

Then, you have a way to earn extra cash. (more…)

Which One Should You Choose: Work-at-Home Job or Home Business

Which One Should You Choose - Work-at-Home Job or Home BusinessThat’s the first question popping up in your mind if you want to do something online.

Am I right?

I am sure there are pros and cons to both of these options  but the question you need to ask yourself is – what is the end goal for you?

To earn a livable income from home or anywhere, totally location independent. Right?!!

I have many friends who want to venture into home businesses but they fear the risk or doubt the legitimacy.

There are also some who frown at work-at-home jobs and don’t like the idea of juggling work and family at the same time. Today, I want to share some of my views about choosing a home business or work-at-home job.

Why should you read about my views? Just because I have been working from home for some time now and I am a business owner as well.


Ready for the debate? Let’s go! (more…)

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