How I Made $4,952.70 in One Month of Blogging

How I Made $4,952.70 In One Month Of BloggingWelcome to another blog and income update. I should admit when I first started writing my blog updates I was nervous. Honestly, sharing these updates have helped me so much and I hope they are helpful to you all in some way.

I am learning something new every day in every aspect of blogging, and I love sharing my experiments with you.

This month was again a slow month regarding traffic due to a dip in Pinterest. As I mentioned last month, I changed my posting frequency from three times a week to two times a week. I believe this did not have much impact on my traffic.

If you are thinking of starting a blog, just do it. I took the leap and started my blog, and now I am making significant income from it. It took time and hard work, but it is all worth it. I have a very easy step-by-step guide to start a blog even if you are not a techie. So, go ahead and start your money-making blog.

There are two reasons I share my blog update and income report, first to be accountable and then to show you no matter how young your blog is, you can make money from it. (more…)

8 Places to Make Money Selling Your Crafts

8 Places To Make Money Selling Your CraftsThere are so many online marketplaces to sell stuff especially things like crafts, antiques and handmade items. Handmade crafts are usually in high demand, it is quite a niche market, and many online markets sell such handmade items.

I had many readers reach out to me to find about authentic places to sell handmade items. Today, I am listing some good online marketplaces where you can sell your crafts.



Etsy is the most well-known and popular marketplace for selling crafts online. It has a wide variety of handmade crafts listed. There are no fees to become a member of this marketplace, but Etsy does have listing fees and takes a percentage of your sale earnings.



Another super big marketplace which sells many things other than crafts or handmade items. eBay sells a lot of things. I have seen a good number of crafts listed here as well, so this can be a great option. There is insertion fees (you have some free insertions per month) and final value fees which depend on the amount of sale and postage. (more…)

11 Work-At-Home Companies Hiring Right Now

11 Work-At-Home Companies Hiring Right NowWhen I started my work from home journey almost nine years ago, I was searching everywhere to find legitimate online jobs. Even if I found something, it was kind of disappointing when I found out that they are not hiring at that time.

Though there are many work-at-home options now, knowing which companies are hiring makes it easier for you to apply and land the job quickly.

So, I decided to make a list of work-at-home companies that are currently hiring in different categories like transcription, customer service, chat agents, etc.

Hopefully, this list will help you to decide which ones to apply and get the job. Please note that to my best knowledge, I have researched and found out that these companies are presently hiring unless the positions get filled quickly.



This company is currently hiring for Social Media Evaluators and Web Search Evaluator positions. With Social Media Evaluator, you will be interacting more on likes of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram to make the search results better. This role is part-time. With Web Search Evaluator role, you will be following a set of guidelines to rate the search results of Google or Bing. They are hiring for these two positions in the US and other countries. (more…)

Job Spotter Review: Get Paid To Take Pictures of Hiring Signs with This App

Get Paid To Take Pictures Of Hiring Signs With This AppAre you looking for an easy way to make extra cash just by taking photos? Then, you have come to the right place. Today, I am reviewing a very legitimate app which can give you an extra cash quite easily just by taking photos of the ‘Hiring’ signs.

Job spotter is an excellent app which simply rewards you for taking pictures of the ‘Hiring now’ signs. Looks simple, isn’t it!!


What is Job Spotter?

Job Spotter is an app from The reason Job Spotter was created was to get the unadvertised job openings in front of more job hunters. This app is super helpful for small businesses which typically does not advertise online or in papers.

As this app is backed by the most trusted recruitment website, there is no doubt about its authenticity. (more…)

35 Awesome Money Making Apps to Earn Extra Income

35 Awesome Money Making Apps To Earn Extra IncomeThere are so many ways to make money online, and money-making apps are the easiest ways to earn some extra cash online. There are many apps which make good extra income in different ways like playing games, doing short tasks, watching videos or even selling books online.

Making extra money from apps can be great in many ways because it is flexible and you can do the tasks in your free time, and the biggest plus is that they are easily accessible from your phone.

I am listing apps in different categories which give you extra cash for doing different things.


Watch Videos

These are the apps that pay you to watch videos and this is a big reader favorite. You can keep playing the videos in a loop and just check intermittently. Of all the ways to make money from apps, this can be the easiest. Earlier, there were only a couple of apps like this, but now there are many.

How I Went from 0 to 100,000 Page Views in 9 Months of Blogging

How I Went From 0 To 100,000 Pageviews In 9 Months Of BloggingIt has been nine months since I took the leap into blogging. I started my blog because I struggled to find a legitimate work-at-home job and many are seeking to work from home and struggling to find legitimate ways to make money.

I never expected to reach this point in such a short period. I am happy and grateful that I am making a significant income from my blog in just nine months.

But this was entirely possible because from day one I focused on the traffic. I knew that getting traffic would be a big challenge. Apart from giving helpful content to my readers, I focused really hard on driving traffic to my blog.

And here we are after nine months; I am over 100k page views per month. Though the traffic goes up and down, I know what helped me to reach to this point and I can work more on traffic driving strategies.


So what is getting me this traffic?



I know you might have heard this million times, Pinterest is the major traffic referral for many blogs. (more…)

17 Work-At-Home Jobs Paying Weekly

17 Work-At-Home Jobs Paying WeeklySometimes, when you work from home, you want to get paid sooner than waiting for the month to finish. After all, working from home is supposed to be flexible in most of the ways, even when it comes to getting paid. It is convenient to have some money in hand in case of any emergency or any urgent need.

So, today I am making a list of work-at-home companies which pay mostly in a week’s time. All of these companies are in different categories, and they might not be hiring at this point but keep checking and apply when they have openings.



Quicktate is a transcription company which pays weekly through PayPal. They mostly work on voicemail messages, memos, legal files, medical records, etc. They do have a background check before you get recruited.


If you are looking for scam-free work-at-home jobs, then there is no better place than FlexJobs. This is the most authentic job board that lists remote jobs from all over the world. The jobs are thoroughly researched and totally legit.

Get your FlexJobs subscription today! You can get the subscription up to 30% off with the promo code AFFILPROMO.



This is a transcription company hiring transcribers to work on business meetings and other varied types of work. They have an assessment which you need to pass before getting hired. The payment is made on daily basis and is through PayPal. (more…)

Best Tips to Juggle Your Side Hustle and Full-Time Job

Best Tips To Juggle Your Side Hustle And Full-Time JobI started my blogging side hustle about nine months ago while I was still working on my work-at-home job. At first, it was too overwhelming and too confusing to get things done on time and catch my breath.

It eventually took me some time to discipline myself to effectively get the work done on both fronts and still have time for myself and my family.

Side hustling is becoming a necessary thing these days; you won’t find anyone who isn’t into something else other than their day job. If you are getting an extra income doing something you like, then why not?

But with the hustle comes a lot of WORK and you seriously need to focus on how to manage a hustle and job and still be good at them.

Here are some things you can do to make it work for you,


Have a plan

Always. You cannot jump into this without having a proper plan of what you want to achieve out of this. When you start a side hustle, you need to ask yourself, is this only a hobby or are you having a long term plan of making this a future potential business. These questions define the way and the time you give to your hustle. Having an idea of your workflow helps you to make your decisions quicker without unnecessary delays. (more…)

Earn While You Travel As A Tour Guide

Earn While You Travel As A Travel GuideToday, I have a very unique side hustle interview with Alexandra Kenin of Urban Hiker SF. She started a successful side hustle as a tour guide and now earns around $2,000 to $8,000 per month from it. That’s an awesome income for a side hustle.

This can be a great side hustle if you love traveling or you have some extra time on hand.


Let’s find out more,

Please tell us about yourself and your background?

I’m Alexandra Kenin and I live in San Francisco. For work, I’m an employee of Wordsmithie, a content and design agency. I also run a tour company called Urban Hiker SF that helps people explore the stairways, hills, and hiking trails of San Francisco.

Before I started working at Wordsmithie and creating my tour business, I worked at Google as a Product Marketing Manager. Working at Google was wonderful in many ways, but required commuting up to 1 ½ hours each way to/from work. It was also a large company and I felt like I couldn’t see the impact I was having on people’s lives (if any). (more…)

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