How I Got over 16,000 Page Views in the First Month of Blogging

How I got over 16000 page views in the first month of bloggingWelcome to my first ever Blog traffic update.

After toying with the idea of starting a blog for almost two years, I finally started it in July.

What was the primary intention to start Crowd Work News?

I wanted to help others to find online work opportunities and side gigs that can be a good source of income.

So, how was my first month?



Within first two days of the launch, my traffic was over 1k page views.

I did a lot of ‘word of mouth’ marketing before my launch. I knew that many of my friends, people I know and many others were looking for work from home job opportunities and could not get past the scams. (more…)

How to Get Paid Online as a Search Engine Evaluator

how to get paid online as a search engine evaluatorImagine you wanted to search something on Google and no matter how good your search term is, you get all crappy results.

Does this happen to you? It does to me sometimes.

I just have to keep on making my search term better to get more targeted results.

So, what does this tell us? No matter how good the Google algorithm is, it requires constant human interference to make it great. This is where a Search Engine Evaluator comes in.

Search Engine Evaluation is a relatively easy online working option with many companies coming into this space.

Earlier, few organizations were advertising jobs for this role, but now you have many to apply, which makes it easier for you to get a role which has such flexibility. (more…)

Ultimate List of Legitimate Work-at-Home Jobs

Ultimate List of Legitimate Work-at-home JobsMany of my friends and family keep asking me if there are any work from home jobs which have no country restriction and are location independent.

Well, there are jobs which are not bound to any geographical location, which can be done from anywhere.

Along with that, there are many jobs and freelance services which are available in many countries.

The basic requirement would be to have a laptop and an internet connection.

I have curated a comprehensive list of legitimate online jobs most of which can be done from many countries. I have categorized them into regions.

The main reason for this is, there is a myth that most of the jobs are only available in the United States.

I cannot stress enough about the fact that there are many jobs available for people in other countries, and also most of the jobs do not require a geographical requirement. (more…)

How to Create a Killer Cover Letter

how to write a killer cover letterWhat do you usually overlook while sending your resume for a job?

Your Cover Letter.

Most of us do, and it is the most important thing apart from your resume. Some might have a debate over this, but for me, a cover letter is as vital as your resume if you are serious about getting that job.

So, what is it in a cover letter that makes it so important?

A cover letter is something like a short introduction about you in a formal way to the person who is going to hire you.

In a short way, it can tell the person about you and make your resume more desirable.

There are some very necessary points that a cover letter should have (more…)

5 Challenges of Working from Home

5 challenges of working from homeIf you are like me, then you love working from home and do the balancing act every day to meet your deadlines.

Sometimes it makes you go crazy.

Though it’s something I would not give up for anything else in the world, working from home does have its challenges.

You cannot jump into this thinking, it’s an easy task.

It is not.

When I first started working from home, it seemed very exciting and very convenient.

By the end of the first month, I realized that if I don’t keep things in order or organize my time, it will be hard for me to stick with the projects and deliver results on time.

I was so bad with my time management that I almost lost my job.

For me and maybe for most of you the biggest challenges are (more…)

6 Best Tools to Boost Your Productivity

6 Best tools to boost your productivityWhat is the top most common and biggest challenge telecommuters face when working from home?


Though working from home is very flexible and exciting, it does have its downsides, which can be worked out.

Time management, multi-tasking and meeting deadlines becomes all the more important when you work from home.

To manage your time better, you will have to take help of some tools which will automate your daily work routine.

There will always be a debate whether telecommuters are more productive than the office team.

There are many tools and software which do help to keep the productivity levels, especially when working from home.

I have a list of tools which have worked wonders for me and will boost your productivity levels. (more…)

8 Secrets to a Perfect Resume

8 secrets to a perfect resumeWhat is the most important thing when you are applying for a job?

The first step you take when you have found the right job?




A resume is the most vital factor in the job application process. It becomes all the more important when you are applying for a work from home job. This is because of the following factors:

  • Difference in the process of recruitment for telecommuting jobs
  • Resume is your strongest point as you will not be going face to face in most of the jobs
  • Recruiters are very strict considering the unconventional method of applying for work from home jobs

This being said, a resume will be pivotal for any job but becomes unique and speaks a lot about you when you are applying for any job which is online. (more…)

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